Tori Spelling's Tense Relationship With Her Mom Takes Unexpected Turn

Tori Spelling has had a pretty tumultuous relationship with her mom since her father, Aaron Spelling, died in 2006. The legendary producer, known for shows such as "Beverly Hills, 90210," "Melrose Place," and "7th Heaven" left the bulk of his $500 million fortune to Candy, while Tori and her brother, Randy Spelling received only $800,000. Over the years, Tori has dealt with a slew of public financial struggles, which included failed real estate investments, and overdue credit card bills, per The Sun. Tori's mom has largely left her to handle her own affairs. In 2016, after news of Tori's Amex card debt hit the news, Candy spoke to TMZ and stated that she was not going to pay for it, although she did say that she helped out with Tori's regular expenses, such as her kids' housing, schooling, and food. 

Candy has also been highly critical of her only daughter. In her memoir "Candy At Last," she revealed that Tori's habit of spending "$50,000 to $60,000" in a store was the reason Aaron didn't leave her with more money (via Daily Mail). Oh, and she also basically placed her husband's death on Tori's shoulders, citing her daughter's lack of contact with him during the last part of his life, per Today.

With so much bad blood between them, it once looked like Tori and Candy would never mend their relationship. However, a recent update from Tori suggests otherwise. 

Tori Spelling and her mom are on a better path

It seems that Tori Spelling's rift with her mom has come to an end for good.

During a recent appearance on "Jeff Lewis Live," Tori shared that her relationship with her mother is a lot better these days. "We have [reconciled]. I mean reconcile is like, we've had a good relationship, but it's like next level right now ... really close." As for what put them on a better path, Tori credits their mutual friend, "Million Dollar Listing" cast member Josh Flagg. "Surprisingly, our friend Josh Flagg really helped kind of bring us together," shared Tori. Prior to Flagg's intervention, Tori hadn't been around her mom "since before COVID. And then Josh was like, 'Okay, we're gonna do a family dinner at her place.'" Tori continued, "So we went and had a great night. And we've been together ever since."

Tori's revelation comes just a month after she posted about celebrating her mom's birthday with her brother to Instagram. "This was a special moment in time. I don't think the 3 of us { just the 3 of us} have gone out to dinner together in 20 years," said Tori. "All to celebrate our mom!" In a follow-up post, Tori posted a picture of both of them embracing. "Loved celebrating this goddess tonight. One thing I've learned recently... life is short. So, hold those near and dear to you as close as you can."