Body Language Expert's Devastating Analysis Of Gabby Petito And Brian Laundrie's Final Footage - Exclusive

A recently unearthed video of Gabby Petito and her suspected murderer, fiancé Brian Laundrie, shopping at a supermarket hours before her murder may have hinted at what their relationship was really like, according to a body language expert who exclusively analyzed the clip for Nicki Swift.

In footage obtained by Fox News, it was revealed that Petito and Laundrie made a pitstop at a Wyoming Whole Foods store before she was killed. The couple reportedly pulled up to the establishment following their meal at the Merry Piglets Tex-Mex restaurant in Jackson Hole, where Laundrie had an altercation with three staff members about their bill. They spent about 15 minutes roaming around the supermarket and ended up buying cheese and coffee before exiting from a different door than where they entered.

But what's concerning about the video is that Laundrie seemed to have slammed the door on Petito before they did their shopping. They also didn't leave the parking lot for 20 minutes when they returned to their van. According to a body language expert, their overall demeanor signaled something devastating.

Body language expert suggests Gabby and Brian had a spat

Upon thorough analysis of the clip, co-founder of TRUTHPLANE® Mark Bowden, a human behavior and body language expert as well as a panelist on The Behavior Panel, determined Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie had questionable interactions prior to Petito's death. He exclusively told Nicki Swift that since the footage showed how they spent a long time in the vehicle, their "focus is not with the job of shopping but internally to whatever is happening inside the vehicle."

Bowden pointed out that there may be "potential indecision" with regard to shopping, at least in Laundrie's case, and that his "aggressive" slamming of the door looks "premeditated to make a point to Petito." The act itself served as a "consciously aggressive punctuation to whatever has gone on inside," said Bowden. Meanwhile, the fact that Petito rubbed her arm and swayed from side to side entering the store may have signaled "potential anxiety," and her holding the door open for Laundrie was some "anxious appeasement" to lighten his mood. Bowden found her behavior also suggested that Laundrie's aggression was "not unusual for her," but rather something she felt she needed to manage.

Bowden's analysis is not far off from what Petito's friends had said about her relationship with Laundrie. Rose Davis, Petito's best friend, once told People that they were "very toxic," with Laundrie having "apparent" jealousy issues. In a separate interview with the outlet, Laundrie's friend, Ben Matula, said there was more to their relationship than meets the eye, recalling, "There was always something below the surface where things weren't 100% wonderful."