Melissa Gorga Addresses Dramatic Fight With Jennifer Aydin

Once again, the drama on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is not limited to what's on camera. Fans are abuzz about an explosive interaction between Melissa and Joe Gorga and their castmate Jennifer Aydin.

In one of BravoCon 2022's messiest moments, the three got into a heated altercation in the wee hours of October 16 at New York's Gansevoort Hotel. According to People, it ended with Aydin throwing a cup full of ice water, and eventually the cup, at one of the Gorgas' entourage, soaking a security guard who tried to break up the fight. But, just because the official Bravo cameras weren't rolling doesn't mean it wasn't caught on tape. A Bravo fan caught the incident on video and posted it to Twitter. The Gorgas appeared to be across the lobby while Aydin was near the elevators.

Apparently, the group was arguing because Aydin had claimed the Gorgas were in danger of losing their place on the show because of their ongoing feud with Joe's sister, Teresa Giudice. Aydin is on Giudice's side in the feud, appearing on their BravoCon panel — separate from the panel with the Gorgas. Aydin said that the Gorgas were "holding on for dear life," and that they would "say whatever they need to say to keep them on [the show]," People said. According to insiders, Melissa called Aydin a "loser" and a "wannabe." Now, Melissa is sharing her side of the story.

Melissa Gorga says Jennifer Aydin twisted the narrative

Though she didn't say Jennifer Aydin's name, Melissa Gorga discussed the incident on the October 20 episode of her podcast "Melissa Gorga on Display." Of the hotel lobby encounter, Gorga said, "[Aydin] gives me this snarky stare in my eyes as she's walking past me," Gorga said. She then admitted to telling her co-star, "Keep moving wannabe, c'mon loser, just keep walking." This apparently set Aydin off, shouting and cursing at Gorga across the lobby, getting Joe Gorga and eventually Melissa's assistant involved in the ruckus.

This account contrasts sharply with a TikTok video by Aydin's assistant, who said "there was no interaction on Jen's part" until Melissa "started yelling at Jen." She also shared a video of Joe yelling, "Shut up, you f***ing dirty b***h." The assistant pointed out all the men in the lobby and said Aydin was "vulnerable" because her husband Bill wasn't with her. She said Aydin threw the drink because she felt "threatened."

In the meantime, Gorga said on her podcast, "She has twisted the narrative on this so immensely." Specifically, she cited Aydin's use of words like "threatened" and "attacked," going on to say, "You can't claim to feel that way when you have two bodyguards standing next to you, no one is near you, and you are the one with the violence. When you throw something at someone ... you are creating the violence."