How Olivia Culpo Really Feels About Christian McCaffrey's NFL Trade

Olivia Culpo has been dating NFL player Christian McCaffrey since 2019, according to New York Post. McCaffrey played for the Carolina Panthers since 2017, which means that he and Culpo, who live in Los Angeles, have had to date long distance for some time. Flights and travel have become part of their dating ritual and Culpo once went head to head with American Airlines because she wore a sports bra and biker shorts to the airport, with a cardigan over top. The airlines asked her to put a shirt on and the internet went wild with divided opinions.

Prior to McCaffrey, Culpo dated NFL player Danny Amendola, but the pair split in March 2018. According to inside sources, part of the problem was the endless travel required to see each other, and Culpo's own travel for work. "Danny couldn't handle Olivia's demanding lifestyle and wasn't pleased with certain choices she was making," an insider told E! News. "The constant travel was also causing a rift."

In a teaser clip for her new reality TV show, "The Culpo Sisters," the Miss Universe winner shared that she had been in a "horrible" relationship. While she doesn't go into details about who that person was, it's clear that Culpo has found someone really special in McCaffrey and she's really supportive of the next stage of his NFL career.

Olivia Culpo is excited for Christian McCaffrey's NFL trade

Christian McCaffrey was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in October 2022, per the NFL's official website, after playing for the Carolina Panthers. 

Girlfriend Olivia Culpo got sentimental about the change on Instagram and shared a video of their highlights while McCaffrey played for the Panthers, set to James Taylor's "Carolina in My Mind." She added the caption, "This city stole my heart and I'll never forget the memories and people who made the last 3+ years so special. I'll miss you all so much and you'll always hold a special place in my heart." Of course, Culpo is obviously excited about McCaffrey's new spot in San Francisco, a much closer commute to her Los Angeles-based home. "I'm beyond excited and grateful for this next chapter in Cali, the place I've called home for the last 8 years," she wrote. "Niners Nation, let's go!"

Culpo also joked about the many flights she's taken over the past three years to visit McCaffrey in Carolina. "Ps- to all of my LAX to CLT flight attendants on American Airlines. Love you guys and thank you for the heavy pours. I won't be seeing you as often but we had a good run," she added. McCaffrey commented on her post and wrote, "The best partner in crime. Love you."