Jonathan And Drew Scott Open Up About Their Forthcoming Episode Of Celebrity IOU With Leslie Jordan

The death of "Will & Grace" star Leslie Jordan was met with deep sadness from his fans and his colleagues in the entertainment industry. Per the Los Angeles Times, he was driving on a city street in L.A. when he crashed his vehicle into the side of a building. Authorities were uncertain whether a medical event killed him before he made contact with the building or if he died from injuries he sustained from the crash, but the results of an autopsy will likely answer these questions.

The 67-year-old actor brought joy and light to many during the early days of the pandemic by filming humorous Instagram videos that showcased his effervescent personality, and he's also being remembered by many as a legendary figure in the LGBTQ community. While he was entertaining fans on Instagram in 2020, Jordan was preparing for his role co-starring alongside Mayim Bialik in the sitcom "Call Me Kat," hilariously telling E! News that he didn't need to monetize his social media content. "I got a big, big, big television series coming on Fox," he teased. "I'm gonna be rich as s**t."

Per Collider, production on "Call Me Kat" was halted after Jordan's death, but five completed episodes will air. While it's on break, producers will have to decide how to handle the tragic loss. Jordan also filmed an episode of "Celebrity IOU" that hasn't aired yet, and hosts Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott have revealed that the show will go on for the late icon.

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott say Leslie Jordan was a joy to work with

After the news of Leslie Jordan's death broke, "Property Brothers" stars Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott both paid tribute to the actor on Instagram. "Leslie is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He had a huge heart and brought smiles to so many faces," Drew wrote, while Jonathan's post read in part, "I am heartbroken to hear my friend, Leslie Jordan, has passed away. The sweetest, kindest soul I've known." In an interview with Access, the brothers revealed that they actually knew Jordan long before he filmed an episode of their show "Celebrity IOU," in which he surprises his "Sordid Lives" co-stars Rosemary and Newell Alexander with a home makeover.

The Scotts said that they will pay tribute to Jordan in some way on the show, but they didn't elaborate on how. They did, however, give fans some idea of what to expect to see from the actor, including a mini dance party in the kitchen. Jonathan said that Jordan had zero experience with home renovation – and he loved every second of the learning experience. "As soon as Leslie walks on set, everyone lights up, because this energy comes with him," he revealed. The brothers also praised Jordan for having a giving heart and being friendly with all of their cast and crew members.

"Celebrity IOU" returns to HGTV on November 14 at 9 p.m. ET.