Rosie O'Donnell Reportedly Calls It Quits With Her New Girlfriend

In the past, Rosie O'Donnell's love life has seemingly been scrutinized more than others due to her being one of the most public lesbian celebrities after she came out in 2002 (via USA Today). She's been married twice, the first time being in 2004 with marketing executive Kelli Carpenter, with whom she raised four children. The two separated in 2007 but continued to raise their kids together. O'Donnell went on to marry executive-search consultant Michelle Rounds in 2012 (via People). They adopted a daughter together, but when they separated in 2015, O'Donnell won full custody, which was contested until Rounds died in 2017 (via Fox News).

A long history in Hollywood means an extensively documented dating history, and O'Donnell's relationships with her children and the various women she's dated have been rather public, even if it hasn't always been the most positive news. O'Donnell has had a strained relationship with her oldest daughter, Chelsea, and she's had to defend her parenting style after her youngest daughter with Carpenter, Vivienne, told TikTok that her childhood was anything but normal. And now, O'Donnell's newest relationship is back in the news again for an unfortunate reason.

Rosie O'Donnell and Aimee Haurer reportedly broke up after four months

According to People's source, Rosie O'Donnell and her girlfriend, Aimee Hauer, have broken up. Although we're not sure why yet, the breakup comes after about four months of dating publicly. People reported that the two went official in a now-deleted Instagram post from Hauer during Pride Month. People also reported that the two went red-carpet official at the Stand Up for Friendly House benefit in July. "I'm in love," O'Donnell said on "The Howard Stern Show" in September. "She's really kind and wonderful, and I like the pace we're going at. It's not like a U-Haul situation."

As for how they met, she also told Stern that it was via DM. "I watched ... her TikToks and every time I saw her, I would smile and [be] like, 'This woman is, like, perfect," O'Donnell said about the massage therapist. "Look at her, she's so happy and enthusiastic and beautiful and bright and she has a light coming from her." O'Donnell said that she just sent Haurer a private message and thought they'd have a friendship. "I said, 'You're very beautiful. I love your look,'" O'Donnell said. "And, like, 10 days later she wrote me back with a little video." Haurer got an "R" tattoo representing O'Donnell in July (via Page Six). So, despite the breakup, Haurer will always have a bit of Rosie with her.