The Coincidence That Brought Bob Saget's Memory To Jodie Sweetin's Wedding

Bob Saget may be gone, but there's no doubt that his former "Full House" cast members are keeping his memory alive the best that they can. The comedian died on January 9 in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida, where he had performed a comedy set a few hours before his death. Once news broke that Saget had died, he received an outpouring of love, including from his television daughter, Jodie Sweetin, who played the role of Stephanie Tanner on the hit show.

The day after Saget's death, Sweetin shared a photo of herself and her "Full House" castmates, which included Saget. In the post, Sweetin lamented how they went from a TV family to a real family who comes together during tough times. "And now we grieve as a family. Bob made us laugh until we cried. Now our tears flow in sadness, but also with gratitude for all the beautiful memories of our sweet, kind, hilarious, cherished Bob," she wrote, while reminding people to "hug the people you love" in honor of Saget.

The same day, Sweetin shared another post via her "Never Thought I'd Say This" podcast account featuring a solo shot of Saget with a microphone in hand. In the caption, she described the late star as a "mensch," including a dictionary definition of the Yiddish word, a "person who can be relied on to act with honour and integrity." Now, she's sharing how her former co-star appeared to be with her in spirit on her wedding day.

Bob Saget's shirt made a wedding appearance

Jodie Sweetin is revealing the touching way that she felt her beloved television father's presence on her wedding day, and we're not going to lie — it's making us feel all the feels. During an appearance on "Good Morning America," the actor spoke about her July wedding to Mescal Wasilewski, which took place months after Bob Saget's death. Sweetin shared that many of her former "Full House" members attended the big day, including John Stamos and his wife, Caitlin McHugh. She also shared that Saget made a special appearance in spirit.

"John comes up to me, and he goes, 'You're never going to believe this,' at the wedding. And he says, 'I'm walking out of the house, I have this shirt on, Kaitlin says it looks stupid I have to go change, it doesn't look good,'" Sweetin explained. Stamos then went to his closet to change into a black button-down shirt, and once he found it was a little large on him, he realized that it was one of Saget's shirts that his widow, Kelly Rizzo, had given to him. "So when he ran out of the house, it was Bob's shirt, and so Bob was there in spirit that day," Sweetin added.

The star has since shared a few glimpses of her wedding day with fans on social media, including a photo that captured her and Wasilewski walking down the aisle hand-in-hand. A special day, indeed!