Bethenny Frankel Already Walks Back On Her Kim Kardashian Praise

Bethenny Frankel can dish out criticism with the best of them. The opinionated former star of "The Real Housewives of New York City" doesn't back down when she's speaking her mind.

Kim Kardashian in particular has found herself on the receiving end of the Skinnygirl founder's scrutiny on more than one occasion. Frankel told TMZ that she thinks Kardashian and her siblings are setting unrealistic beauty standards by editing the photos that they share on social media. "It's irresponsible, it's reckless, it's not inspirational, it's not aspirational — it's destructive," she said. Frankel also weighed in after fans booed Kardashian when she attended the October 9 matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams. Frankel played defense for the NFL crowd, tweeting, "The fans are people with daughters & sons who have hope for realistic role models for their children. Football is not the superficial land of fashion."

But in a since-deleted TikTok video, Frankel did have to admit that Kardashian knows her stuff when it comes to fashion. Per Page Six, she gave the socks from Kardashian's Skims line a rave review after receiving a sample pair. "They feel very nice, they feel luxurious," she said. But now Frankel is walking back her praise — and it has nothing to do with the quality of the socks.

Bethenny Frankel deleted her positive review in response to Kanye West's antisemitic comments

Mere days after finally finding a reason to praise Kim Kardashian, Bethenny Frankel removed her TikTok video about the Skims socks. Without mentioning him by name, she explained that her decision was in response to Kanye West's antisemitic remarks, which included his Twitter threat to go "death con 3 on Jewish people." After Adidas severed ties with Ye over his behavior, Forbes reported that he had lost his billionaire status but noted that he still had a 5% stake in Skims, despite the end of his marriage to Kardashian. Frankel revealed that this was what was weighing on her conscience in a follow-up video on TikTok. "This is a multi-billion dollar company, so if someone owns 5% of it, it's actually very significant," she said. Frankel also slammed Ye for creating "an antisemitic, dangerous, diabolical, and destructive pattern throughout this country."

Frankel's video came after one of her Twitter followers accused her of using the Kardashians for clout, prompting the podcast host to clap back, "I want a world where children don't see this phony, filtered, attention-grabbing, lying culture celebrated. I want new role models." However, on TikTok, Frankel said that she wasn't even going to utter Ye's name because she's decided that speaking about people she doesn't want to align herself with, whether her remarks are positive or negative, serves to promote them. This may mean that Frankel's Kardashian-bashing days are over.