Jana Kramer Dishes On Her Social Media Squabble With Meghan King

Country music star Jana Kramer reportedly got into a fight with another celebrity via direct message on social media — and now she's opening up about the private conversations and how they affected her. With "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Meghan King as a guest on an episode of her podcast "Whine Down," Kramer explained that it was actually she and King who got into a fight with one another despite having previously formed a friendship.

According to Kramer, the two women had bonded over their similar experiences with their respective ex-husbands. After all, King had two marriages end within a relatively short span of time (via Us Weekly), while Kramer divorced Mike Caussin after he allegedly cheated on her with at least 13 different women (via Facebook). But, interestingly enough, Kramer said it was a comment King made about Caussin with which she found fault, sparking the disagreement that arose between the two of them.

Meghan King complimented Jana Kramer's ex-husband

During an episode of Jana Kramer's "Whine Done" podcast, she and Meghan King opened up about one of their online conversations, in which King messaged Kramer and said, "At least your ex is hot." Kramer elaborated on why this statement was a problem for her, saying, "I go, 'I'm sorry, that kind of bothered me. I would never say your ex is hot, especially knowing how much he hurt you. Anyways, have a great day.' And that's the last I've communicated with her."

Fortunately, King and Kramer were able to clear the air and put their hurt feelings aside when King joined the conversation on "Whine Down," seemingly patching up their fractured friendship and sharing more on their ideas for spending the holiday season with their children as single mothers. Kramer has two children (via The U.S. Sun), while King has three children, including a set of twins (via Page Six).

King also hosts her own podcast, "Intimate Knowledge," so it remains to be seen if she will reciprocate and have Kramer on as a guest of her own.