Jana Kramer Reveals The Hardest Part Of Seeing Mike Caussin Now

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin have had quite the rollercoaster of a relationship. The now former couple never exactly swept their marital issues under the rug and spoke out about their many (many, many) ups and downs multiple times. After dealing with infidelity rumors, babies, vow renewals, and pretty much everything in between, Kramer and Caussin officially went their separate ways in April after around six years of marriage when she filed for divorce.

Things have been, well, frosty, between Kramer and Caussin since then as they co-parent their two children, Jolie and Jace, with Kramer admitting on her "Whine Down with Jana Kramer" podcast in July, "It's definitely hard and it's one of those things where sometimes, like, the process with us has been really challenging because there is that betrayal." She added, "[Caussin] has so much resentment and I'm like, 'Wait a minute, you're the one who hurt me. How are you being mean to me? This doesn't add up to me.'"

Kramer has since opened up about if she's ready to date again, shortly before sparking romance rumors with none other than football star Jay Cutler in the wake of his divorce from Kristin Cavallari.

But it seems like her possible new romance and big move on from Caussin hasn't exactly gone to plan — and in one of the most awkward ways. Keep on scrolling for what Kramer just revealed about her ex and possible new man being in the same place at the same time...

Jana Kramer had a run in with Mike Caussin while out with Jay Cutler

Awkward! Running in to your ex while out with someone new isn't exactly the dream scenario, but, unfortunately for Jana Kramer, that's exactly what happened with her ex-husband, Mike Caussin. The former "One Tree Hill" actor revealed on the September 20 episode of "Whine Down" that she was out with Jay Cutler when they spotted Caussin at the same bar. 

She called being in the same place at the same time "messed up," noting it "was really hard to see him there [to] see him flirt with other girls... Granted, I was there as well doing my thang, but it was really hard. You know what was hard? It looked so easy for him." She added, "It looked like it didn't bother him one second, and that hurt, you know? He's just untamed and uncaged and he's happy."

Kramer and Caussin spoke to each other, and the "I Got The Boy" singer later opened up to her therapist about it. "A little piece of me was, like, it would've been nice [for him] to be, like, 'Yeah, this is hard, but I'm glad we can be cordial.' Just acknowledgment that it might hurt a little bit," Kramer said. She appeared to be referencing her September 8 Nashville date night where she was snapped with Cutler for the first time.

It sounds like it might be time for Kramer to hit up a few new hot spots...