Sylvester Stallone Confirms His Marriage Issues Will Be Shown On Family's Upcoming Reality Show

Move over Kardashians — there's another famous family coming to television. Legendary actor Sylvester Stallone is currently working on his family's reality tv show, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Similar to other reality shows, Stallone's is sure to be filled with drama. Especially regarding his up-and-down relationship with his wife, Jennifer Flavin.

Sylvester Stallone's marriage with Flavin has been anything but smooth sailing. The couple began their romance in 1988, and at the time, Stallone had already been divorced twice, via People. The couple faced several trials in their relationship, breaking up and getting back together several times. The two rekindled their romance in 1995 and went on to get married and have three daughters, Sistine, Sophia Rose, and Scarlet Rose. In May 2022, the couple celebrated a milestone their 25th wedding anniversary.

To much surprise, especially after celebrating their anniversary, rumors swirled that the couple was facing troubles and in August 2022, Flavin filed for divorce. A source told People at the time that the couple "had lots of issues for years and she just had enough." Since then, Stallone and Flavin have been able to work things out after reconciling a month after Flavin filed for divorce. A rep for the couple told Page Six, "They talked and were able to work out their differences. They are both extremely happy." While the couple is back on good terms, they are not shying away from the struggles they faced, especially with the family's upcoming reality show. 

Sylvester Stallone is ready to put his family first

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin are planning to be completely open about their relationship troubles, as mentioned by The Hollywood Reporter. The outlet reported that Stallone and his family are sharing their lives with the public through their own reality show. While many are sure to be curious about Stallone's day-to-day life, fans are also wondering what happened between him and his wife — most importantly, during their brief separation.

When asked whether they would include Flavin filing for divorce in the show, Stallone told The Hollywood Reporter, "Of course it's part of the show. It's the John Lennon thing: 'Life is what happens when you're making other plans.'" Stallone also revealed his mistakes in their relationship, telling the outlet, "Sometimes I put the work ahead of [my family], and that is a tragic mistake which won't happen again."

Stallone indeed has had a famous career with films like "Rocky" and "The Expendables," per IMDb. Being the legendary actor he is, Stallone was pulled in different directions that required his attention. But, now the actor is putting all the focus on his family. Stallone shared with The Hollywood Reporter he feels he has "wasted a lot of time." The actor said, "Everyone goes, 'I wish I'd shown love more' or 'I wish I'd spend more time with the kids.' I'm riding that boat." This is why he says he is happy to do the reality show and spend more time with the family.