Elon Musk Is Apparently Poised To Put Even More Restrictions On Twitter After Losing Billions

Help him, he's poor?

In the ongoing saga that is Elon Musk's controversial $44 billion Twitter takeover, Bloomberg recently reported that the ultra-wealthy business tycoon and self-professed "Chief Twit" is down a staggering $92 billion (yes, $92 billion with a "B") after acquiring the microblogging and social networking platform. But what's a billionaire to do when push comes to shove? Apparently, shove some of the company's top execs right on out of the glass doors of Twitter's San Francisco headquarters while giving many other Twitter employees the boot as well. But that's not all. He also devised a plan to start charging users $8 per month for a bright blue checkmark by their name, a symbol intended to let others know that the account is indeed an authentic one. (So official all they need is a whistle.) And now it's rumored that Musk has an even more controversial plan for the online news and social networking site...

Elon Musk is considering placing Twitter behind a paywall

Pay to play?

Rumors are circulating that Twitter's brand new CEO, Elon Musk, is toying with the idea of putting Twitter behind a — gasp — paywall. As reported by The Verge, Musk and his adviser David Sacks have discussed the possibility of implementing a plan wherein the company charges most or even all users a subscription fee for utilizing the platform. A source told the publication that one option included offering users a limited amount of time on the site for free before charging a subscription fee for more time. 

And while Musk nor Twitter, Inc. has responded to the rumors regarding a looming paywall, many users have already taken to the social networking site to let their thoughts be known. "Putting Twitter behind a paywall is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard and would effectively kill it. It would make it simply inaccessible to so many people, especially to people making a lower income. Now's probably a good time to look at Twitter alternatives," one user penned. Meanwhile, another wrote, "Not Twitter doing a paywall for running account, i hate it here." TBD, we suppose.