Twitter Is Majorly Confused About Katy Perry's 2022 CMAs Appearance

From California Girl to a Country Girl.

Katy Perry is first and foremost a pop queen, but it looks like she's exploring new genres and she's landed on country music. In October, Perry joined forces with country crooner Thomas Rhett and released a music video for their collab single, "Where We Started." In a statement, Rhett shared how a joy it was to work with the "Dark Horse" singer. "Working with Katy has been a really collaborative process," he said, via Entertainment Tonight. "From tracking the song in the studio, to performing on it 'American Idol,' to this video — her input has made this whole experience really special for me." Meanwhile, Perry said how much she enjoyed going back to her roots. "I loved being able to create a dreamy world for 'Where We Started,' going back to the Nashville singer-songwriter roots of where I started," she shared.

Perry then showed up at the CMAs, but fans were still left feeling confused by her presence. Not every country music listener was sure she belonged at the awards show.

Fans are scratching their heads over Katy Perry's involvement at the CMAs

According to Twitter, Katy Perry looks out of place at the 2022 Country Music Association Awards. The singer showed up to the red carpet channeling Britney Spears with an all-denim ensemble, but the stage is where she really shone.

Donning a cowgirl hat, she rocked the awards show with Thomas Rhett for a performance of "Where We Started." She joined in the second verse, singing, "I'd be playin' my guitar, singing them covers in an empty room/You knew one day I would make a livin' out of singing 'bout you." But it didn't look like fans were appreciative of the star. "Is this Thomas Rhett/ Katy Perry mashup the most forgettable performance of all time?" one fan said. "Katy Perry has ONE Country song and she's part of the 2022 #CMAawards2022," tweeted another. One fan straight-up questioned why she was even invited in the first place. "WTF is Katy Perry doing there? #CMAawards," they said.

But even if country fans weren't overly welcoming of Perry, Rhett is grateful that she agreed to collaborate with him. "She really put a lot of time and effort into this vocal and it's one of the best," he told People of their joint project. "I mean, she's an incredible singer, but this kind of reminded me of how amazing of a vocalist she is. I just felt like it really came to life.