Are Bartise And Nancy From Love Is Blind Season 3 Still Together?

The relationship between Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez on "Love is Blind" Season 3 made for excellent trainwrecktastic TV viewing. "Eighty-five years from now, this is not going to be there," Bartise explained during his first interview, referring to his appearance. "I need somebody who likes me for who I am on the inside, not for what I represent on the outside." Cough, cough. Nancy was that exact person, and she quickly proved Bartise's expectations were strictly one-way.

Season 1 of "Love is Blind" premiered in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. "I watched all of Netflix's 'Love Is Blind,' and I hate myself," an Entertainment Weekly critic admitted. They placed the show in "a new reality TV sub genre: people making bad decisions while sitting alone in rooms." Perhaps that's why it resonated with so many people sitting alone in rooms during the global lockdown — whether they were making bad decisions or not.

The Guardian opined that "Love is Blind" is "the dating show you can't take your eyes off." They warned, "You'll be gripped, but you won't be proud of it." Bartise and Nancy proved their point perfectly. It was a horrifyingly guilty pleasure to watch him gaslighting her with proclamations of love to her face and skullduggery behind her back right up until the end. So, are Bartise and Nancy from "Love Is Blind" Season 3 still together? Or are they another "Love is Blind" couple who bit the dust?

Bartise certainly wasn't Nancy's Prince Charming

"This addictive twelve-episode series will uncover whether looks, race or age do matter, or if love really is blind," the Season 3 show summary promises. Sadly, for Nancy Rodriguez, Bartise Bowden's eyes were wide open and searching for potential replacements from the get-go. Bartise was the consummate gaslighter. At the same time, Nancy proved denial isn't just a river in Egypt. However, in her defense, Bartise misled and bamboozled Nancy to the point where she didn't know up from down.

Many people have accused "Love is Blind" of being fake, but there was no faking Nancy's steady stream of tears throughout the season. "I can't even BEGIN to describe just how TOXIC Bartise has been to his beautiful, sweet fiancé Nancy on Love is Blind season 3!! It's been EXTREMELY difficult to watch her get treated so poorly by him!" the Grace Report ranted

Despite their romance being an emotional rollercoaster and Bartise acting like a total jerk, Nancy still said yes to marrying him. It was a hard "no" from him. Per People, after dumping her on their wedding day, the accountant attempted to squirm his way out of the awkward situation. Bartise told Nancy they could still continue pursuing their "relationship." However, Nancy's mom and brother immediately stormed onto the scene, ending that scenario by calling him "stupid" and accusing him of backtracking. After turning her down at the altar, Bartise finally apologized for his behavior and gaslighting Nancy.

Nancy's now single and ready to mingle

Bartise Bowden was the villain of "Love is Blind" Season 3. TikTokers created a video "giving Bartise what he deserves" — and they did not hold back. One contributor bashed him for his "arrogance" and cockiness. "Who told you [that you] command a room full of women with that f**ka** haircut and that single dangly earring and your goofy gym wear man with podcast aesthetic. Who lied to you, babes?" they asked.

Bartise finally 'fesssed up and apologized for his gaslighting antics, leaving Nancy Rodriguez shocked. "He's denied, denied, denied, and it's literally giving me chills right now because he hasn't owned up to it to my face," she told Us Weekly. Bartise had gaslit Nancy up until the very end. She told Entertainment Tonight that he'd begged her for another chance and promised he'd changed. "I can see you being the person that I'm gonna marry. I see the future with [you]," Nancy said he vowed before the wedding ceremony.

"I would hope that Bartise and I could be friends at some point and later on in life, maybe in his 30s," Nancy told People. "But yeah, I don't see the benefit of us being friends at this point." Meanwhile, she's single and ready to mingle, albeit with her eyes wide open this time. "I'm open to dating," Nancy told Entertainment Tonight. "It's just a matter of finding someone [who will share the same] level of love."