Strange Things About Britney Spears And Sam Asghari's Relationship

Pop princess Britney Spears is one of the most iconic entertainers of her generation. And her boyfriend, fitness trainer and model Sam Asghari, is a rising star in his career. These two celebs are totally smitten, but there's more to their picture-perfect romance than what meets the eye. How much do you really know about these lovebirds? Here are some of the stranger facts about their relationship.

Awkward encounter

Spears met Asghari when he was cast as the male lead in her 2016 "Slumber Party" music video. As total strangers, the two had to film super steamy scenes in a very public space. Talk about awkward.

"We were sitting there and waiting and waiting together for like 20 minutes at a time [between scenes]," Spears told CBS Radio's Fast in the Morning With Nathan Fast in January 2017 (via Us Weekly). "We were having to be literally stuck there together, so we were basically forced to talk to each other." 

They eventually broke the ice, as the "Baby One More Time" singer added, "We started talking about sushi and started talking about things we like."

Explaining that it "wasn't even a serious thing," Spears said that she and Asghari exchanged phone numbers to set up a sushi date. In her interview, she noted, "We were having a conversation to get through the experience, you know?" 


Despite their instant connection, Spears and Asghari's relationship was a slow burn for one cringeworthy reason: the "Circus" singer seemingly forgot about the Persian model after wrapping the music video. Or, at the very least, she failed to follow up with him soon after.

"I kept his number, and it was so weird — it was like five months later, and I found his number in my bag," she told Fast in the Morning With Nathan Fast (via Us Weekly). "I was like, 'He is really cute. This guy is really cute.' So then I called him, and ever since then, he is just a really fun, funny person." 

It sounds like it was well worth the wait! And, in case you're wondering, yes — the cute pair did eventually go on that sushi date.

Gimme more privacy

Once Spears and Asghari got together, they were low key about their blossoming, albeit private, romance. But given the "Oops!...I Did It Again" singer's superstardom, their discretion didn't last very long.

Dating rumors began to circulate after Asghari shared an Instagram selfie while out on a date with Spears in November 2016. Although he quickly deleted the evidence, the damage was done, as fans and gossip rags started to speculate about their secret relationship. Still, the rumored couple kept mum even after they were spotted at a restaurant a month later. But that all changed when Spears posted a pic of the two ringing in 2017 together.

Once the pop star went public with the relationship that January, the cute pair changed their M.O. and took to documenting their relationship on social media. Seriously, how sweet are these two?

Relationship regrets

With a history of high-profile relationships, it's no secret that Spears has had a lot of bad luck in her love life — including two failed marriages.

In 2004, the singer famously tied the knot with her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, on a whim. While ringing in the New Year, the two exchanged vows at a chapel in Las Vegas, before annulling the marriage a mere 55 hours later. As Spears told E! News, "It was me being silly, being rebellious" (via ABC News).

The following September, Spears walked down the aisle again when she got hitched to her backup dancer Kevin Federline. The former couple share two sons, having welcomed Sean Preston in September 2005 and Jayden James in September 2006. But it wasn't long before their marriage crumbled. In November 2006, the pop princess filed for divorce, which sparked a nasty custody battle

"I think I married for the wrong reasons," the "If U Seek Amy" singer reflected in her 2008 documentary, Britney: For The Record (via the Daily Mail). "Instead of following my heart and doing something that made me really happy, I just did it for the idea of everything."

Age is just a number

Would you believe there is a whopping 13-year age difference between this gorgeous couple? At the time of this writing, Spears is 36, while Asghari is 23 years old. But it'd seem that age is nothing but a number for these two.

"Sam has a lot more in common with Britney [than her past boyfriends]," a source told Us Weekly in February 2018. "He's very fun." 

Around the same time, the "Toxic" singer proved that she and Asghari were a perfect match by sharing a snapshot of the pair hiking together on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, "I've been with this man for over a year. Everyday he inspires me to be a better person and that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!"

Rushing the romance

It has to be said that, as sweet as their romance is, Spears and Asghari's relationship timeline was pretty speedy. After only a couple of months together, the "(You Drive Me) Crazy" singer was already using the L-word when talking about her new beau, captioning a photo of Asghari with, "Mad love for this one."

Flash forward to a year later, and these two were reportedly already talking kids. "Britney has talked with Sam about having babies together," an Us Weekly source said. "She was young when she had Sean and Jayden, and she feels much more mature now." The same source added that Spears is hoping to have a baby girl. 

So why are Spears and Asghari already discussing the possibility of future kids? Well, it may have to do with how Asghari treats both Spears and her family. "Sam is really good with the boys and that makes Brit really happy. She cares a lot that the boys are comfortable with the person she's dating," an insider told Entertainment Tonight. "He genuinely loves and adores her."


Spears may be head over heels for Asghari, but there's one person in her life who may not approve of her new man: her dad, Jamie. And, unfortunately, this is no small thing. After agreeing to a conservatorship following her infamous breakdown, the hitmaker has not legally been in control of her own financial, professional, and personal affairs since 2008 — her father has.

"Britney's dad does not like this guy at all," a source told Radar Online in December 2016. According to an insider's report to the British magazine Heat, Jamie "has some reservations and is worried that [Asghari] may be after her money" (via the Belfast Telegraph). 

As to be expected, Spears is reportedly upset at both her father's control of her finances and his opinion of her boyfriend. "Brit's getting fed up of being told what she can and cannot do. The conservatorship was put in place when she was very sick, but that was over 10 years ago," Heat's insider said. "Her dad might not be too sure about Sam's intentions, but Britney is."

Affair allegations

Only a few months into their relationship, the couple's honeymoon stage was unceremoniously cut short when they were hit with a round of nasty cheating rumors.

"I have video and images of our REAL relationship. Britney he is using you," Morgan Osman of the Bad Girls Club told The Dirty in January 2017. After posting (and quickly deleting) an Instagram photo of herself and Asghari kissing, Osman claimed that the fitness guru was having an affair. "I don't know why everyone is attacking me, Sam Asghari is the cheater," she added. "I feel sorry for Britney Spears, she seems like a good person."

While neither Spears nor Asghari responded to the alleged infidelity at the time, another shady report made its rounds on the internet in January 2018. After a fake Bumble account using Asghari's photos surfaced, the "Work from Home" actor took to his Instagram Story to set the record straight. Crossing a screenshot of the dating profile out with a red "X," he simply wrote, "Not on any dating apps."

Yikes, talk about sketchy.

Are they already engaged?

The cute pair sparked engagement rumors when Spears was spotted rocking a ring on her left hand while vacationing in Hawaii in January 2018. The couple further fueled fan speculation when the sparkly bling made a reappearance the following day, as the "Work B**ch" singer walked hand in hand with Asghari on the beach.

However, at the time of this writing, neither Spears nor Asghari have addressed the lingering wedding rumors. But, as a source told Entertainment Tonight, "[Britney] is really happy and I wouldn't be surprised if they got engaged."

Sounds like it's only a matter of time before Asghari puts a ring on Spears.

Couple goals

This romantic pair may have their fair share of quirks, but at the end of the day, Spears and Asghari are total #RelationshipGoals. Apart from constantly supporting and gushing about one another, their social media feeds are filled to the brim with their sweetest and funniest moments.

Some of our faves include the couple getting goofy with Snapchat filters, glamming it up at a high-profile event, enjoying the great outdoors, and posing together during a family trip to Disneyland. And we dare you not to audibly "aww" at Asghari bursting with pride as his famous girlfriend wrapped up her four-year residency in Las Vegas. 

We can't even handle their cuteness!