Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Pitch Perfect?

"Get pitch slapped" became the unofficial tagline of 2012 after Universal Pictures dropped the musical blockbuster "Pitch Perfect." The film follows Anna Kendrick's Beca Mitchell, a new and unenthusiastic student at Barden University with a passion for music. Beca's desperate to get out to Los Angeles to forge a career as a music producer, but she makes a deal with her dad (John Benjamin Hickey), agreeing to try college out for one year. That's how she winds up auditioning for the Barden Bellas, the school's all-female a cappella group, performing a cover of the song "Cups." (In the real world, that rendition reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.) Despite being skeptical about the Bellas, Beca ends up enjoying herself and makes lifelong friends. The chemistry between Kendrick and the rest of the cast is no doubt what led to the success of a further two "Pitch Perfect" sequels.

October 5, 2022, marked ten years since the film's premiere. The occasion was followed by celebratory social media posts from the movie's talented cast members, like Brittany Snow, who shared a series of throwback photos on Instagram and wrote, "10 years ago I made friends who became my actual family. Grateful for these memories, these incredible friendships of unconditional love and gladly welcome the lifetime of ongoing questions about the state of my nodes." The decade passed quickly, and it got us wondering what the cast has been up to since 2012. Here's your pitch-perfect update.

Brittany Snow stuck with romantic comedies

Anyone who grew up watching teen rom-coms like "John Tucker Must Die" or musicals like "Hairspray" in the mid noughties knew the name Brittany Snow long before she appeared on Barden University campus in 2012. Playing Chloe Beale, one of the most senior members of the Barden Bellas, she's first seen helping Anna Camp's Aubrey Posen rebuild the a cappella group with all new members. Snow reprised the role of Chloe for the second and third "Pitch Perfect" films, with the latter seemingly bringing the Bellas' story to a close. However, Snow admitted she'd make "Pitch Perfect" movies forever if she could. "It's our favorite thing to do," she told Us Weekly. "We would do these movies forever, not only because we're such a family, but also because we've now gotten into a routine and a system and we understand each others' comedy."

Thankfully, Snow was not left out in the cold when the "Pitch Perfect" era came to an end, finding a home in other comedies like Netflix's "Someone Great," which she starred in alongside Gina Rodriguez and DeWanda Wise, and "Hooking Up," which sees her share the screen with "Hocus Pocus 2" star Sam Richardson. But, perhaps her continued praise for the "Pitch Perfect" franchise will spark a fourth reunion film?

Off-screen, the actor has been making some personal changes and in 2022, she and husband, "Selling the OC" star Tyler Stanaland, announced their mutual decision to separate after two years of marriage.

Anna Camp's divorce hasn't slowed her down

"True Blood" star Anna Camp had her international movie breakout when she scored the role of Aubrey Posen, the uptight leader of the Barden Bellas, in "Pitch Perfect." Although Aubrey graduated college at the end of the first film, Camp reprised her role in both of the "Pitch Perfect" sequels, reuniting with the Bellas each time.

Alongside working on "Pitch Perfect" sequels, Camp has enjoyed a TV career, working on shows like "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and "Good Girls Revolt." She also bagged a starring role in the 2020 Netflix film "Desperados," playing a character who was contemplating divorce, which is something Camp really related to. As she told ET, "When the producers were coming to me about this movie, they kind of wanted me to pick between Kaylie and Brooke and because I have been through a divorce, I kind of really resonated with [Brooke] ... she really meant more to me."

Camp had filed for divorce from her "Pitch Perfect" co-star Skylar Astin the year before, after three years of marriage. The couple had secured what would be their last TV credit together months earlier in an episode of the children's animated series "Vampirina." Their divorce was finalized by the end of 2019, and the following year Camp confirmed her relationship with musician Michael Johnson. The pair appear to be going strong, with Camp posting a rare photo of them together on Instagram and writing, "Everything is right with this one around."

Anna Kendrick is a major Hollywood star

Fresh off her supporting role in the "Twilight" franchise, and her main ensemble role in "What to Expect When You're Expecting," Anna Kendrick had no trouble stepping into a starring role for "Pitch Perfect." Kendrick played the angsty, music-loving freshman Beca Mitchell who winds up joining one of her college's a cappella groups. Her chemistry with the Bellas and on-screen love interest Jesse (Skylar Astin) made the film a firm success.

After this, Anna Kendrick's star was firmly on the rise. She starred in "Into the Woods" and "Mr. Right" before reprising her role as Beca for the second and third installments in the "Pitch Perfect" franchise. Latterly, Kendrick's varied filmography has included a string of comedies like "Noelle," "Table 19," and "The Day Shall Come." However, the actor mixed in a few darker dramas with the likes of "A Simple Favor," "Stowaway," and "Alice Darling."

Kendrick also starred in the first season of the anthology TV series "Love Life" and is also set to make her directorial debut with "The Dating Game." She'd already signed on to play the lead role of Cheryl in the film, and was excited to take on more responsibility. "I was obviously thrilled to be playing the character of Cheryl, I felt so connected to the story, the tone, and the themes around gender and intimacy, that when the opportunity came up to direct the film, I jumped at it," she told People.

Rebel Wilson has been through a lot of life changes

Rebel Wilson, another "What to Expect When You're Expecting" alum, was best known for her hilarious performance in "Bridesmaids" prior to taking on the role of Fat Amy in "Pitch Perfect." After creating her own comedy show, "Super Fun Night," and returning for the "Pitch Perfect" sequels, the Australian actor's fame and popularity has only grown. For years she stuck with comedic roles, even reuniting with on-screen love interest Adam Devine for the 2020 Netflix flick "Isn't It Romantic," which also starred Priyanka Chopra and Liam Hemsworth.

After producing and starring in the Netflix comedy "Senior Year," Wilson has taken to focusing on more serious fare, starring in "The Almond and the Seahorse." She told InStyle she worked with an acting coach after booking the independent British drama.

In June 2022, Wilson also announced her new relationship with fellow Aussie Ramona Agruma on Instagram. "I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince... but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess," she wrote alongside a photo of the happy couple. However, the actor later revealed on Instagram that she was under pressure by the Sydney Morning Herald who threatened to out her, and had not planned to make her relationship public so soon. In November 2022, Wilson shared she and Agruma welcomed a child via surrogate. 

Skylar Astin hasn't stopped singing since Pitch Perfect

Skylar Astin hasn't stopped singing since he played Treblemaker Jesse in "Pitch Perfect" and captured fans' hearts as Beca's love interest. After returning for "Pitch Perfect 2," fans were even more enamored by their love story — which made it all the more surprising when he wasn't brought back for the third feature. Instead, Astin sung his way through musically inclined series like "Trolls: The Beat Goes On" and "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," before finding a long-term home on "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" and guest-starring as Jo Wilson's love interest on Season 18 of "Grey's Anatomy."

Astin also released his own original music. He wrote his debut single "Without You" during the pandemic. He explained to Euphoria that he wanted the buzzy and celebratory tune to feel timeless, like it could fit into any decade, which, of course, it does since it's about the timeless topic of love. "It celebrates the feeling of finding someone and diving headfirst. It's about new connections and being fully present, but also having fun and having that be exciting and not super tortured," he explained. Many listeners have since speculated that "Without You," which he dropped in 2021, is about Astin's girlfriend Lisa Stelly, who he started dating the previous year. The pair made their relationship Instagram official in July 2020.

Ben Platt splits his time between theater, movies, and TV

Ben Platt's career continued to skyrocket after he played the goofy, magic and music-loving character Benji in "Pitch Perfect." After returning for the film's sequel, which saw his character embark on a relationship with Hailee Steinfeld's Emily Junk, Platt played Evan Hansen in the musical "Dear Evan Hansen" off and on Broadway. The role scored him a place on Time's list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2017.

Following this success, the actor then starred opposite Zoey Deutch and Gwyneth Paltrow in Netflix's "The Politician" from 2019 to 2020. The role earned him a Golden Globe nomination. Latterly, he's split his focus between theater, film, and TV, performing "Parade" in New York, while starring in features like "The People We Hate at the Wedding," and previously securing a role in Hulu's "The Premise." In 2021, Platt starred in the film adaptation of "Dear Evan Hansen," but unlike the praise he received in the theater, he had to deal with fierce criticism. "It is painful," he admitted to Esquire. "It's heartbreaking to hear... because all you want is for people to feel how you feel, especially when it's about something you love."

On top of his busy and varied career, Platt's relationship with Noah Galvin is thriving. "He's just the person I want to be around the most," Platt gushed in the aforementioned Esquire interview. "He's the person who makes me laugh the most, who I want to download things with when they happen."

Adam Devine is not done with Pitch Perfect just yet

Having already found success with his sitcom "Workaholics," which he co-created for Comedy Central, Adam Devine went on to receive international recognition for his role as Bumper Allen in "Pitch Perfect." Following the success of the film and its 2015 sequel, Devine became a household name for playing the romantic lead in films like "When We First Met," "Isn't It Romantic," and "Jexi."

Devine has not let go of his "Pitch Perfect" roots, though, and he's set to lead a TV spinoff titled "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin." The series boasts an impressive lineup, which includes the likes of Sarah Hyland and Jameela Jamil, but "Pitch Perfect" fans will definitely be hoping for some cameos from the original cast, too. Thrilled to bring the series to the small screen, Devine shared a series of pictures from the series on Instagram. One shot shows Bumper getting cozy with Highland's character, Heidi, so this means that he and Fat Amy definitely didn't work things out.

On a happier note, though, Devine shared a personal update about his thriving love life on social media, following the Adam Levine cheating scandal in 2022. "Just want to post this and say that my wife @chloebridges and I are doing great and going strong. I am not Adam Levine. He's a different guy and a worse singer. We are however naming our future baby Sumner," he said in an Instagram post which was accompanied by a snap of the happy couple.

Elizabeth Banks is Hollywood royalty

In 2012, it was fair to say that actor, producer, director, and writer Elizabeth Banks was the biggest name attached to "Pitch Perfect." She'd already starred in blockbusters like the "Spider-Man" trilogy, and was fresh off hits like "The Hunger Games" and "What to Expect When You're Expecting," which saw her take on the role of mother-to-be Wendy Cooper. In "Pitch Perfect" Banks played Gail Abernathy-McKadden and was a producer on the feature. She took on the title of director for "Pitch Perfect 2," while also starring the film and its 2017 sequel. 

At this point in her career, Elizabeth Banks is basically Hollywood royalty, having scooped up multiple MTV Movie Award wins, as well as several Emmy and Teen Choice Award nominations. Between 2013 and 2015 she starred in the three remaining "Hunger Games" films and played Paris in "Magic Mike XXL." Banks then wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the 2019 "Charlie's Angels" reboot, playing Rebekah "Boz" Bosley. In an interview with The New York Times, Banks addressed the mixed reactions the film received. "I was just making an action movie," she told the outlet. "I was able to direct an action movie, frankly, because it starred women and I'm a female director, and that is the confine right now in Hollywood. I wish that the movie had not been presented as just for girls, because I didn't make it just for girls," she added.

John Michael Higgins keeps playing high school principals

John Michael Higgins' "Pitch Perfect" persona John Smith and Elizabeth Banks' character Gail were hosts and commentators of the films' a cappella competition, the ICCAs. The commentator became a character viewers loved to hate, and he certainly brought the entertainment factor. His chemistry with Banks was no doubt the reason the duo returned for both sequels. (And as they say, life imitates art: Since 2018, the "Pitch Perfect" host has been the IRL host of the game show "America Says.")

Alongside these film roles, Higgins continued working in television, nabbing guest spots on shows like "Switched at Birth" and "Two Broke Girls." He later scored a main role in the NBC sitcom "Great News" from 2017 to 2018. This was one of Higgins' favorite projects, he told Closer afterward. "It was a ridiculous error [for NBC] to cancel that show, utterly baffling, and I was just warming up," he said. However, he swiftly moved on to new projects, appearing in films like "Licorice Pizza." He claimed another regular TV gig, too, playing Principal Toddman in "Saved by the Bell" reboot from 2020 to 2021. In 2022, he took on the role of another principal, playing Principal Floyd in Netflix Halloween flick "The Curse of Bridge Hollow. 

Off-screen, Higgins has remained happily married to fellow actor Margaret Welsh, who he met while they were both starring in a theater production of George Bernard Shaw's "Arms and the Man" in Connecticut.

Alexis Knapp is focused on motherhood

After small parts in "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" and "Couples Retreat," Alexis Knapp got her big break played the sex-crazed Bella Stacie Conrad in "Pitch Perfect." Afterward, Knapp continued forging her acting career, appearing alongside Miley Cyrus in the action comedy-drama "So Undercover." She then had a regular role in the first season of TV sitcom "Ground Floor," before starring in the thriller "Urge." Speaking about the Bill Lawrence-created TV series on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," Knapp said, "It was a lot of fun to make and it was a great time to chill out and have a steady job." She held the supporting role of Tori, alongside her "Pitch Perfect" co-star Skylar Astin and Briga Heelan, who played the show's leads, Brody and Jenny. Knapp soon reprised the role of Stacie for the "Pitch Perfect" sequels, before swapping back to TV to play Irillia in "The Orville."

As of November 2022, Knapp has several features in production, including "Witchy Ways" and "Don't Open the Door." However, the actor's main focus is motherhood, as she parents her preteen daughter Kailani, who she shares with her ex, Ryan Phillippe.

Ester Dean's vocal career continued after Pitch Perfect

Playing Cynthia-Rose Adams in "Pitch Perfect" was Ester Dean's first live-action acting role, but it certainly wasn't her last. Between the second and third "Pitch Perfect" sequels starred in an episode of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," and guest judged an episode of "Ru Paul's Drag Race."

Dean's focus has always been on music, though, and alongside singing her heart out in the musical comedy feature "Trolls World Tour," the singer-songwriter has released a handful of her own singles and EPs. Dean has also penned tunes for stars like Katy Perry (who she co-wrote "Firework" with), Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj. It's the act of creating music which she enjoys. "I've always written songs for myself," she told Time. That personal side of music has helped her connect with artists. "Nicki [Minaj] and I clicked because I was writing songs about love in my life, and we [felt] connected through the same thing. That's how songs work — it's all about if that person is living the same truth as you," she explained.

Hana Mae Lee has been making noise in the movie world

Hana Mae Lee is not really as quiet as her "Pitch Perfect" character Lily would have you believe. In fact, the actor, model, and makeup artist has been making some noise with her roles in films like "The Babysitter" and its sequel "The Babysitter: Killer Queen." Lee played Sonya, one of the members of the demonic cult who tries to kill the protagonist Cole (Judah Lewis). "I love this character," Lee gushed to CBR after filming the sequel. "She's a real favorite of mine to play because I love horror and I love playing villains and I don't get to play too many villains ... this one is really fun because I get to really be in the dark arts and not just a fan of just killing," she explained.

Lee, who's been a fan of horror films ever since she was old enough to watch Freddie Krueger movies, added that she's had so much fun making these movies and would totally be up for a third installment. However, while there's no news on that front, Lee did get to reunite with her "Babysitter" co-star Bella Thorne in 2021 for the comedy thriller "Habit," which she dubbed a "fabulously fun film," per Instagram.

Utkarsh Ambudkar couldn't wait to watch his holiday movie with his kid

Utkarsh Ambudkar, also known by his stage name UTK the INC, played Bumper's right-hand man and fellow Treblemaker, Donald, in "Pitch Perfect." Given Ambudkar's mic skills, which he demonstrated in the film, it's no wonder he's pursued a career as a rapper, releasing songs like "Regrets" in 2022. Ambudkar has also continued acting, appearing in critically acclaimed TV shows like "The Dropout," which stars Amanda Seyfried, and "Never Have I Ever," as well as films like "Tick, Tick ... Boom!" starring Andrew Garfield.

In 2019, Ambudkar married his long-term girlfriend Naomi Campbell, who is not to be confused with the model of the same name. The couple soon became a family of four, welcoming daughter Tiare in 2015 and son Bhumi in 2020, per Distractify. While his daughter hasn't seen much of his work, Ambudkar told Cinemablend that he was excited to share his 2020 Christmas fantasy film "Godmothered" with her. "I have a daughter, and most of the stuff we don't let her watch because she doesn't need Prince Charming, my daughter is dope the way she is," he shared. "I watched the screener and I was like YES I can actually watch this with my kid without having to explain like 'hey, it doesn't matter how you look and you know you don't need a man and men and women are equal.'"