Who Is Skylar Astin's Girlfriend, Lisa Stelly?

Sad news for any #TeamMax shippers out there: Skylar Astin, who plays Max on the NBC musical dramedy Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, already has a real-life girlfriend. He's currently dating entrepreneur and divorced mother of three, Lisa Stelly. The couple made their romance Instagram official in July 2020.

Astin and Stelly, both 33, are both divorced; he from his Pitch Perfect co-star Anna Camp, as of 2019, and she from reality star Jack Osbourne (son of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne), in 2018. The pair usually live in Los Angeles, but Astin is quarantining in Vancouver while shooting season 2 of the brilliant Playlist. Regarding his long-distance relationship, "It gets lonely and it gets a little isolating," he said (via People), as he is "kind of just waiting this whole thing out."

Despite singing on Playlist, Astin is excited for the world to get back to normal so that he can "get back to Broadway, either on stage ... or in the audience." "I just want to support it and help bring it back," he told People. "It's my first love and want to make sure that I'm doing everything I can to make sure that that community comes back strong and even in a more equitable way."

But let's learn some more about this lovely woman who has stolen our dear Max—er, Astin's heart. Who is Lisa Stelly? Keep reading and we'll tell you more.

Lisa Stelly is an artist—with food!

It's easy to see why Skylar Astin is taken with Lisa Stelly. She may be the ex-wife of a reality star, but she absolutely has her own life, as Astin reminded Us Weekly when they wrote about his new relationship: "Correction: I am dating FOUNDER, ENTREPRENEUR, MOTHER, CCO, etc, Lisa Stelly. Treat your ladies better, media!" Astin tweeted to the publication.

Stelly created her own company, Fancy Sprinkles, in 2016. She's not really a baker, telling People she prefers decorating: "I started watching all these YouTube videos and realized there was this whole world out there of ... people making all [this] beautiful art with fondant and icing as their medium." When a search for "a plain white star" sprinkle, something that seemed like "the most basic thing in the world," brought up no results, it started her off on her high-end sprinkle journey.

Stelly filled a niche by making sprinkles that don't just taste good but look beautiful as well, according to Fancy Sprinkles blog. She creates her custom blends with fun, sometimes naughty names, such as Peachy Kween, Gold Digger, Wanderlust, Comic Book, and Unicorn Barf, plus a line of Beatles-themed products. Even more popular is her Prism Powder, which is beautiful edible glitter that looks more like eyeshadow than something you eat. One parent even thanked Stelly for the product: with the help of Prism Powder, she was able to get her 4-year old daughter to eat beef stew. Astin and Stelly might have to keep that trick in mind!