Larsa Pippen Gives An Update On Her Dating Life Amid Marcus Jordan Rumors

Larsa Pippen has not been shy about sharing her life on "The Real Housewives of Miami" — even when it came down to her divorce from NBA star Scottie Pippen. Per People, the divorce was made official in December 2021. Larsa opened up about the divorce on the reality show, saying (via People), "I was traumatized. If he doesn't get his way, he punishes me. He's like The Punisher." After her divorce, Larsa's love life became of public interest, especially when she was spotted with a new man.

In September 2022, TMZ reported that Larsa and Marcus Jordan were seen getting cozy with one another in Miami. Larsa may have a type because Marcus is the son of NBA legend, and former teammate to Scottie, Michael Jordan. This isn't the first time Marcus and Larsa have been spotted with one another. The two hung out at a music festival the same month and just two months later were snuggled up on a beach (via TMZ).

The rumored relationship sparked a lot of interest, but in October 2022 Larsa shut down the gossip (via People). Larsa said, "We're friends. We've been friends for a few years and that's really what it is. We're friends." Still, fans were unsure whether the two were really "just friends." So much so, that the reality show star decided to open up about her dating life with podcast host Carlos King.

Larsa Pippen hasn't been on a date in months

Even though Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have been rumored to be in a relationship, "The Real Housewives of Miami" is saying she hasn't dated in "months." In November 2022, Pippen guest starred on Carlos King's podcast,"Reality with The King," and spilled all the details of her dating life after her divorce.

Pippen was open about the type of guy she's looking to date. She said, "I feel like I always date the same type of person, so I'm trying to switch it up, try not to date what I normally date." She continued, "I don't know, I just feel like I have the same type of guys that like me, and I kind of let them choose me, rather than letting me choose someone." The reality show star is taking things into her own hands and is making sure her next relationship is something she truly wants.

All that being said, fans were confused when Pippen told King that she hadn't been on a date in months considering the fact that she's been spotted out and about with Jordan on several occasions. She told King, "Every time I see someone people act like I'm on a date, and I'm like ... I'm not even like that." Pippen even denied her rumored relationship with Scott Disick. Although she never mentioned Jordan by name, it is still unclear whether or not the reality star is dating him. TMZ has since reported the two are in a relationship. However, as of this writing, Pippen and Marcus have not confirmed the news.