Paris Hilton Denies Mom Kathy Hilton's Claims About Her Fertility Struggles

Paris Hilton said that there's no truth to her mom Kathy Hilton's claims that she and her husband, Carter Reum, are struggling to conceive a baby.

In a recent appearance on E! News, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star shared her thoughts about Paris and Reum's marriage. "They are so happy," she dished. "They had their one-year anniversary at the carnival and they want to do that annually. They were like two kids, it was really sweet." But while it seems like the lovebirds are still in their honeymoon phase, Kathy also claimed that they are having a hard time getting pregnant. "It breaks my heart because I know she is trying and trying and I always say, 'Just relax,'" she added, saying that she tries to remind them that they are not alone. "So many people, they struggle and it doesn't just happen like that."

It didn't take too long until Paris got wind of her mom's statement, and she was quick to refute everything.

Paris Hilton says 'it's never been a struggle'

Paris Hilton apparently has nary an idea why her mother, Kathy Hilton, thought that she and Carter Reum are having trouble conceiving. Speaking with TMZ, the "Stars Are Blind" singer gave the lowdown on what their IVF journey has been like, sharing that everything is going fine and dandy.

"I don't know where she got that," she told the outlet on November 16. "It's never been a struggle at all." She also said that she and Reum are "stocking up" and currently have "tons of embryos that have all just been waiting." When asked if she has any advice to dole out to couples in the same situation, the heiress said that it's all about "finding the right person" to do IVF with, adding that she's "lucky I've found my perfect half." 

It's been more than a year since Paris and Reum started their IVF journey. In an appearance on "The Trend Reporter with Mara" podcast in January 2021, she dished that it was Kim Kardashian who "told me about that" (via People), and that they went on with it because it was "the only way" she could ensure that she can have "twins that are a boy and a girl." And while she admits that it has been "tough," she knows that it will be worth it. "I did it a couple of times," she mused. "Just doing it together and having a partner that is just so supportive and always makes me feel just like a princess all the time ... that it wasn't that bad."