Kristen Bell Voices Her Secret To Long-Lasting Marriage With Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been together for years, and they are an excellent example of a Hollywood duo who knows what it takes to make a marriage last. In an interview with "Today," Bell shared that she and Shepard met in 2007 at a mutual friend's dinner party. However, it was definitely not love at first sight, with Bell sharing that there were "no sparks whatsoever" during their initial encounter. Luckily, the pair eventually went to a hockey game in Detroit a few weeks later and hit it off, thus beginning their sweet relationship.

As fans know, Bell and Shepard, who share two children, seem pretty laid back in all aspects of their lives, and the same is true of their wedding. According to People, they opted to skip out on a ritzy Hollywood affair and wed in a low-key courthouse ceremony. "I don't fault anyone who wants a big day — especially girls," Bell told the outlet of their wedding choice. "[But] we get more than enough attention in our everyday lives. I also wear more than enough party dresses." Following the ceremony, the pair picked up a couple of sandwiches and called it a day (which seems pretty cool if you ask us)!

Of course, Bell posts about her man on social media from time to time, including at racing events. "PDA on the grid gets the drivers revved up," Bell joked in July, as she shared a few photos of her kissing Shepard. Now, she's offering up some sound marriage advice, too. 

Kristen Bell reveals marriage secrets on the heels of 10-year anniversary

Kristen Bell's spilling the tea on how she and Dax Shepard have made their marriage last. On the heels of their milestone 10-year anniversary, she caught up with Entertainment Tonight, where she shared details about her marriage to Shepard, including some tips on what's helped them make it so far. "Stay vulnerable," she told the outlet. "At least my secret. You've gotta be vulnerable — we have to be vulnerable when we don't want to be. That's what works for us." 

The actor also confessed that she and Shepard don't have big plans to celebrate the milestone just yet, but when asked about a vow renewal, it seems like something that could be in the cards for them. And though they walked the red carpet separately, Shepard supported his wife's new film, "The People We Hate at the Wedding," proving again that they are still going strong.

Like Bell, Shepard has shared a few tips on making one's marriage work, including in a 2017 interview with People. The actor confessed that he and Bell put a lot of work into their marriage and it's not "effortless," adding, "We do couple's therapy. We work it like a job. Relationships aren't just perfect." He also noted that they prefer being proactive and put things on their calendar to ensure date nights happen. Just another reason to love Bell and Shepard — they give solid advice!