Al Roker Unveils The Serious Reason Behind His Today Show Absence

Al Roker is updating fans on his condition following an extended "Today" show absence. The journalist and TV personality last appeared on the show on November 4, 2022, per The US Sun. Since then, viewers have taken notice of Roker's ongoing break from this role. On November 12, 2022, Roker took to Instagram to observe Veterans Day and support the nonprofit Feeding America. Social media users sent positive messages in response, telling Roker they hoped to see him on "Today" again soon. "Okay Al, everyone seems worried about you. Hope to see you back on air next week," one user wrote.

A few days later, Roker posted a clip from his show "The More You Know," and curious fans again chimed in to check on Roker. "Where are you Al? You are missed," one said, while another commented, "I missed seeing you and hope you are okay." On November 11,2022, Roker's wife, journalist Deborah Roberts, was asked by a user on Instagram if Roker was doing okay. Roberts then said in response, "ahh thanks for this . He's a bit under the weather but ok." 

Now, Roker is speaking out publicly about his status following this concern from the "Today" audience.

Al Roker is 'on the way to recovery' following blood clots in his leg and lungs

Al Roker is sharing the details behind his recent absence from the "Today" show. The broadcaster revealed in a November 18, 2022, Instagram post that he hasn't been on-air because he has been undergoing treatment for bloods clots in his leg and lungs. "Last week I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg which sent some clots into my lungs," Roker wrote alongside an image of a floral bouquet. "After some medical whack-a-mole, I am so fortunate to be getting terrific medical care and on the way to recovery. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers and hope to see you soon," Roker added before wishing everyone a nice weekend.

Fellow NBC anchors were quick to show their support for Roker in the comments of this post. "You're the strongest person we know. We miss you and will see you soon!!" Savannah Guthrie wrote. Craig Melvin chimed in, writing, "Love you brother...can't wait to have you back!" And Hoda Kotb added, "Al Roker– hurry back to us... counting the days xoxoxo." Roker's wife, Deborah Roberts, expressed her appreciation "for the top notch medical care and prayer warriors" who have helped Roker along the way. "We love you dearly sweet Al and can't wait to get you home," Roberts added.  

Here's hoping that Roker has a smooth and speedy road to recovery.