Taylor Swift's 2022 AMAs Appearance Has Fans Speculating About Her Next Album

Taylor Swift just bagged some major awards at the 2022 American Music Awards, but fans are fixated on what they believe is a teaser hinting at the singer's next album.

While her record-breaking album, "Midnights," (per CNBC) has just been released, Swifties can't help but speculate over the "Anti-Hero" singer's next move, especially since she's known for dropping hints during award ceremonies. Swift won one of the biggest awards of the night; "Favorite Pop Album" for "Red (Taylor's Version)." She told the audience, "I cannot tell you how much my re-recorded albums mean to me, but I never expected or assumed that they would mean anything to you. I can't thank you enough for caring about this album that I'm so proud of."

Over the past few years, Swift has been diligently re-recording and re-releasing her past albums. This is because she had been barred from purchasing the rights to her master recordings following her departure from her previous label, Big Machine Records, per Variety. Scooter Braun reportedly sold the rights to her first six albums for over $300 million to a private equity firm. This prompted the singer to start the process of re-recording her old work, which she found to be "exciting and creatively fulfilling." As she should!

Two out of six albums — "Fearless" and "Red" — have been re-released so far, and now Swifties think they know which Taylor's Version is coming out next.

Swifties think Taylor Swift will re-release Speak Now next

According to Swifties, they have every reason to believe that Taylor Swift will be releasing her re-recorded version of "Speak Now" next. Why? Apparently, Swift showed up to the AMAs looking straight out her "Speak Now" era, with her voluminous curls and gold-flecked outfit.

"THE HAIR. speak now tv is COMING," one fan observed. "the sword earrings, the swoop in her hair tonight matching the swoop in the mean mv... the fishtail braid she wore today matching this clip from the mean mv... i fear speak now tv is coming," speculated another. A fan also pointed out how Swift's recently-released "Bejeweled" music video already teased that "Speak Now" may be the next release. "y'all think it's unlikely for her to combine midnights and speak now tv eras when she literally like literally had long live and enchanted playing in the bejewled video," they wrote.

As fans know Swift, she would never ever release her secrets, so what we can only do is have fun with all the speculation. And besides, she seems to be thrilled about having everyone guess. "I love to communicate through Easter eggs," she told Entertainment Weekly in 2019. "I think the best messages are cryptic ones."