Here's Who Emily Ratajkowski Dated Before Marrying Sebastian Bear-McClard

In the wake of her split from Hollywood producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily Ratajkowski has been playing the field. In November 2022, the model was spotted with Kim Kardashian's ex, Pete Davidson. "Pete and Emily have been talking for a couple months now," a source told Us Weekly, adding that they "both really like each other." This came following Ratajkowski's rumored romance with DJ Orazio Rispo, who she was spotted smooching in October. Around the same time, the "Inamorata" founder was also linked to Brad Pitt, though nothing was ever confirmed.

Ratajkowski seems to be relishing her newly single status, telling Variety, "I just feel like I'm kind of enjoying the freedom of not being super worried about how I'm being perceived." Before Ratajkowski's marriage to Bear-McClard, the "Blurred Lines" star spent the majority of her adult life as a serial monogamist, something she admitted on "Today With Hoda & Jenna" (via Newsweek). "I was entering a really crazy industry and working in a really crazy industry where now I think we can accept there are a lot of predatory, scary men, and I think it was a way for me to feel safe," she explained. Ratajkowski's track record appears to back this up. In fact, fans were surprised that the model tied the knot with Bear-McClard so quickly because she had only just ended a years-long relationship with LA-based music producer Jeff Magid. Here's a run-down of her dating history prior to her 2018 wedding.

Emily Ratajkowski was linked to high-profile creatives

Us Weekly reported that Emily Ratajkowski was dating art director Andrew Dryden in 2013. But after dancing her way to fame in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" music video, she chose to keep her romance under wraps. Dryden, likewise, didn't kiss and tell. When the pair split in 2014, Page Six reported that he said, "Sorry, I don't want to talk about it." Ratajkowski advertised her newly single status by telling friends at a Super Bowl party that she was back on the market. It didn't last long — by December of that year, she was spotted with music producer Jeff Magid.

According to The U.K. Sun, Ratajkowski and Magid coupled up during 2014's nude photo scandal, when hundreds of private pictures of various celebrities were leaked online. The pair dated for three years, but landed on the rocks in 2017, when a source told the New York Daily News that Ratajkowski was looking to move out of their shared apartment. "Jeff is an incredibly successful music producer and is working around the country. Emily, too, is seeing her career boom, so their business success did not help them spend much time together," the insider dished.

Throughout her time with Magid, Ratajkowski ran in similar circles to future husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, but avoided spending time alone with him, per the Daily Mail. "I was like, 'OK, I probably shouldn't hang out with that guy alone' ... and then next thing you know I'm at the courthouse getting married," she said.

Emily Ratajkowski is enjoying the single life

In a far cry from her past as a 'pick-me-girl,' Emily Ratajkowski is having fun dating, and she's not looking for a serious relationship. In November 2022, the model shared a TikTok video of herself lip-syncing, "I would be with multiple men, also some women as well. Everyone's hot but in an interesting way." And while Ratajkowski has been linked to Pete Davidson — whom she was spotted hugging on his birthday — she's not putting all her eggs in one basket. "Emily thinks Pete is charming and they have flirtatious chemistry right now," a source told E! News. "She's not exclusively dating anyone and is having fun. Emily is in her 'single girl era' and wants to see what's out there."

In fact, commitment isn't high on EmRata's priority list, unless that's commitment to her 20-month-old with Sebastian Bear-McClard, Slyvester Apollo. "I've never had such clear priorities in my life. Number one is Sly, and that's that," the "My Body" author said in a November cover story for Harper's Bazaar. "[Motherhood has] made me re-evaluate what's important to me, like, what do I want to teach my son?" 

Motherhood has also made Ratajkowski feel secure in a way she didn't previously, and it's nice to see she's not taking her dating life too seriously. She's even poked fun at her romance with Davidson on Twitter, by 'liking' a tweet that implied she was looking for a rebound. You do you, EmRata.