Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell's SNL Reunion Has Fans Reminiscing

Children of the '90s are having a great year.

In September, Kenan Thompson hosted the Emmys and reunited with his former Nickelodeon co-star Kel Mitchell, per Entertainment Tonight. During the brief appearance, Mitchell referenced their 1997 film, "Good Burger," much to the crowd's delight. Now, Thompson and Mitchell have taken their hilarious chemistry to "Saturday Night Live." During a skit, entitled "Kenan and Kelly," host Keke Palmer pitched (and then convinced Thompson to shoot) an updated version of the '90s hit "Kenan and Kel," where she stepped into the role of Thompson's best friend. 

However, Palmer's version included passionate monologues, pregnancy reveals, her made-up catchphrase — "here comes the bus" — and in a delightful twist, the addition of Mitchell, who reprised his role as the orange-soda-loving character. Unfortunately, Kel's cameo ended with him attempting to take on a thief, who then shot and killed him (but not before Palmer claimed she was pregnant with his baby). Despite the theatrics, and as Thompson noted in the skit, the fact that Palmer's version was awful, Twitter is absolutely fawning over Kenan and Kel's surprise reunion. 

Kenan and Kel's SNL reunion sparked some major nostalgia

You can always count on Twitter to appreciate a good dose of nostalgia, and Kenan and Kel's reunion was no different. Following the episode, fans of the hit Nickelodeon show took to the platform to express their delight about Kenan Thompson and Kel Mithchell's reunion. 

"This Kenan and Kelly skit got me cryingggggg. But oh man. Kenan and Kel together again. It's like our childhood all over again.," tweeted one fan. "My millennial heart is so happy to see Kenan and Kel in a sketch together," tweeted another fan. "They brought KENAN and KEL to SNL oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!," said writer and stand-up comic Meghan Hughes. Meanwhile, WWE Analyst Ryan Satin tweeted what everyone was thinking: "Kenan and Kel haven't really aged."

Unfortunately, not all of the tweets were quite as celebratory. Many expressed sadness over late rapper Coolio, who performed the original "Kenan and Kel" theme song. "D***, wish Coolio could have made it smh," tweeted one fan. "The 'Kenan and Kel' reboot skit reminds me that we lost Coolio this year," tweeted another. "You know what's sad about this? You KNOW Coolio should've been in this. Unfortunately, #SNL came up with this about 3 months too late," wrote another fan.