Suspect In Takeoff's Shooting Death Claims His Innocence In Court

Fans were stunned and saddened when they learned that 28-year-old rapper Takeoff had been fatally shot and killed at a bowling alley in the wee hours of the morning on November 1 in Houston, Texas. 

Almost immediately, theories and rumors started swirling regarding who was to blame for Takeoff's tragic death. As reported by TMZ, the deadly incident was purported to be a result of a dispute over a game of dice that the Migos group member was participating in. Since then, however, significant progress has been made in the investigation. On December 2, a suspect was arrested and charged with the rapper's murder. "I can tell you that Takeoff was not involved in playing in the dice game, he was not involved in the argument that happened outside, he was not armed," Houston Police Sgt. Michael Burrow said in a statement, per the New York Times. "He was an innocent bystander." 

As it turns out, however, the suspect at the center of the shooting is proclaiming his innocence as well...

Innocent until proven guilty

Not guilty? 

Patrick Xavier Clarkthe suspect charged with the death of rapper Takeoff, appeared in court on December 5, as reported by the Associated Press. Following the court appearance wherein Clark was granted a bond reduction hearing that is set to take place on December 14, his attorney, Letitia Quinones, opened up about her client's current mindset. According to Quinones, Clark was feeling "nervous and concerned" because "he's being charged with something that he believes he's innocent of, so how would anyone do in that type of circumstance?"

Still, when pressed further about the case — specifically whether or not Clark knew Takeoff personally — Quinones shut down. "We really don't want to go into the facts at this point," she said. "There is a lot of investigation that needs to be done. ... So, we just ask that everyone keep an open mind and let the system do its part and let the Constitution do its part, and that is, right now, he's innocent until he's proven guilty," she declared.