Baker Mayfield's LA Rams News Has NFL Fans Saying The Same Thing

Football fans are going through a lot of changes. Just a few days after news broke that coach Deion Sanders was moving to the University of Colorado Boulder (after three years with Jackson State University), there's been another major change. This time, it revolves around NFL star Baker Mayfield, who, as the New York Post reports, was recently released by the Carolina Panthers. According to ESPN, both Mayfield and the Panthers were eager to part ways with each other. Apparently, the Panthers weren't satisfied with the quarterback's performance during the six months that he was on the team. Mayfield, for his part, also requested to be traded, hoping to make better use of his skills on another team.

This news comes just under a year after Mayfield made a similar request to his inaugural team the Cleveland Browns, who he played for from 2018-2021, per Stat Muse. Now, Baker is headed to the Los Angeles Rams, who signed up off of a wavier, according to the Los Angeles Times. As the publication notes, the Rams are now on the hook for the remaining $1.4 million of Mayfield's previous contract with the Panthers. The Rams appear excited to receive Mayfield, as their official Twitter account tweeted a collection of three photos, including the word "May," a "baker" and a "field," in an offbeat way to announce the newest addition to their team. 

Naturally, NFL fans have a lot to say about Mayfield's team-switching saga.

NFL fans aren't too excited about Baker Mayfield's trade

As with most things, the internet is split in their reaction to Baker Mayfield joining the Rams. However, it appears that most fans are just not thrilled. For example, writer Kyle Yates tweeted, "We now get to watch Baker Mayfield vs. Russell Wilson on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to all," which is definitely not the compliment it sounds like. Meanwhile, one user posed an essential question with his tweet: "Hey how Baker Mayfield get another QB job before Cam Newton??!!" Another fan made light of the situation, tweeting, "Rams fans trashing Baker Mayfield relentlessly over his career and now realizing he'll be their QB1," alongside a photo of an unhappy Will Smith. 

Then there's writer Gabb Goudy, who poked fun at Panthers fans who might be annoyed by his decision to leave. "if you bought a baker mayfield panthers jersey i do not feel bad for you that was a low iq decision," she tweeted. Of course, there is some positivity among the neutral to negative reactions. Sports analyst Jacob Infante supports Mayfield's decision. "Baker Mayfield going to the Rams would be awesome news for the #Bears. LA probably isn't going to win much this year anyway, but Baker would be an upgrade at QB and make them more likely to win another game or two. Would give Chicago more cushion for a top-3 draft pick," he tweeted