Janelle Brown Reportedly Splits From Kody Brown For Good

Things have changed for TLC's "Sister Wives." What was once an action-packed plural marriage has become a diminished household for the Brown clan. Kody Brown and his wife Janelle have decided to split, but the news isn't a total shock, as the writing has been on the wall for a while. They admitted that they don't gel anymore. In January, Janelle admitted in a confessional that she was looking at her marriage differently. "I've had to really think. My children are almost grown and there's not a huge necessity anymore to stay," Janelle explained (via Us Weekly). "It was a wonderful way to raise children. With Kody and I right now, our relationship is pretty strained. And you know, it's easy to walk away." And walk away she did.

Kody and Christine share six children: Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, Logan, Savanah, and Madison, according to InTouch. Since the couple is in a plural marriage, they are joined by wives Robyn and Meri. Kody was also formerly married to Christine Brown, but they split in 2021. Now, Janelle has seemingly done the same.

Janelle Brown wants to do things on her own

Janelle Brown is reportedly ending her marriage to Kody Brown. A source told InTouch Weekly that she's going her own way. "Janelle is a strong independent woman and realized she can do it on her own," an insider said. Fans of TLC's "Sister Wives" saw their marriage unravel during the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Us Weekly, and things seemed to spiral from there. The couple, who share six children, married in 1993.

One year later, Kody married Christine Brown and they also welcomed six children. When Christine left her plural marriage in 2021, many wondered if it would influence the other wives and some believe that Janelle is following in Christine's lead. "[Janelle] sees how happy Christine is now that she's 'free' from Kody and is strongly considering separating from him too," a source told Us Weekly. "Christine and Janelle are very close and they have conversations about it." While Christine might have been inspiring, it's clear that Janelle is making a decision that's best for her, though after nearly three decades with Kody, it's got to be an adjustment.