The Hilarious Reason Margot Robbie Fans Are Flocking To See Avatar: The Way Of Water

The long (long, long) awaited sequel to "Avatar," "Avatar: The Way of Water," is finally in cinemas — a whopping 13 years after the original! But despite us having to wait more than a decade to return to Pandora, plenty of the famous faces we knew from the first movie have made their triumphant return. To name but a few? Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña are back as main characters Jake and Neytiri, while Sigourney Weaver plays their stepdaughter Kiri again, and Stephen Lang reprised his role of marine colonel Miles Quaritch. We also saw a new (but very familiar) face in the form of Kate Winslet, who joined the cast of the sequel as Ronal, while Edie Falco is someone else you may recognize in the movie.

One person you won't be seeing in the cast list, though? Margot Robbie. The star of "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "Suicide Squad" isn't appearing in "Avatar: The Way of The Water" — but that isn't stopping her fans from flocking to movie theatres to catch a glimpse of her!

Margot Robbie fans are watching Avatar: The Way of Water to see 'Barbie'

Margot Robbie fans have been buying tickets to see "Avatar: The Way of Water," but not to see the "Avatar" sequel. Oh, no. It's Barbie they're looking for. In case you've been living under an anti-pop culture rock, you've probably already heard that Robbie will be appearing as the iconic plastic doll in "Barbie," the movie based on the franchise due for release in July 2023. Well, a teaser trailer for "Barbie" has been playing before "Avatar: The Way of Water" and fans have been heading to the movies just to catch a glimpse of it.

Many fans flocked to Twitter to share their plan, with plenty sharing hilarious GIFs. "I will buy a ticket for 'Avatar,' see this trailer, and leave immediately after. You don't know how far I'll go for Barbie," one person wrote on the social media site, while another "Barbie" fan hilariously tweeted, "'One ticket to the BARBIE trailer please' ' you mean 'Avatar: The Way of—” 'I SAID WHAT I SAID.'" A third shared a photo of a Na'vi merged with a Barbie, joking, "me going to see avatar but really just to see the barbie teaser."

If you're not quite dedicated enough to buy a ticket for the "Avatar" sequel to catch a glimpse of some plastic fantastic, you can watch the trailer above or check out these first look "Barbie" images to get you excited instead.