Jack Osbourne Clears Up Rumors Surrounding Sharon's Medical Emergency In First Update

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are making big changes. The couple declared that they want to move back to the United Kingdom after witnessing too much violence in the U.S. The couple have lived in Los Angeles for more than 20 years, according to The Guardian, but Ozzy's done. Ozzy, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2003, told the outlet, "America has changed so drastically. It isn't the United States of America at all. Nothing's united about it. It's a very weird place to live right now." He said the decision had nothing to do with his increasing health concerns but rather with the random violence targeted at innocent people. "I'm fed up with people getting killed every day," Ozzy added. "God knows how many people have been shot in school shootings."

While Sharon has been Ozzy's devoted healthcare provider, she recently underwent a health scare of her own. Details were scarce, but her son, Jack Osbourne, gave fans an update on his mother's condition on Instagram Stories. The good news is she seems to be doing better. 

Jack Osbourne says his mom is home and got the 'all clear'

Sharon Osbourne was taken to a hospital in southern California on December 16, 2022, TMZ reported. She was in Santa Paula, California, working on a film set at the Glen Tavern Inn when emergency services were called to transport her to a hospital for undisclosed issues. The inn is famous since being featured on "Ghost Adventures."

On December 17, 2022, her son, Jack Osbourne, jumped on Instagram Stories to give fans an update on his mom's condition. Jack said that Sharon was not filming an episode of "Ghost Adventures," contrary to a growing theory. "She was filming a new episode of Night of Terror with me. Hahaha," he wrote. "Now that we have made that clear... She has been given the all clear from her medical team and is now home," Jack went on, thanking everyone for their concern and love. But Jack kept the details under wraps. "As to what happened to my mum – I'm gonna leave it to her to share about when she is ready," he concluded.

"Night of Terror" has become a favorite of viewers after it aired in November 2020, as it features the Osbourne family, including dad Ozzy Osbourne and sister Kelly Osbourne, as they check out haunted spots in and around Los Angeles, according to Spectrum. While we'll have to wait to see what Jack and Sharon discovered at the Glen Tavern Inn, we'll also have to see what Sharon chooses to disclose about what happened.