What Happened To Colleen And Tony After Catfish?

When "Catfish" premiered in 2012, fans were immediately hooked. Focusing on online connections, the MTV reality show sought to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. In the show, two individuals, who have developed a close relationship online, finally meet in person. In some situations, the sparks continue to fly. But more often than not, the pair's idealized romance comes to a sudden end. However, that doesn't mean there isn't chemistry. Remember "Catfish" stars Matt and Kim, who ended up becoming good friends?

Although "Catfish" is over, many fans have kept up with people's lives after the series. Sadly, some alums of the reality TV show died young. Years after his "Catfish" appearance, Robert Brian Clark was killed in a motorcycle accident. Ashley Sawyer is another "Catfish" star whose cause of death was tragic. While there's been devastating news about numerous cast members, there's also been some more uplifting announcements. Although their start was rocky, Colleen and Tony are two "Catfish" alums whose uncommon story is sure to warm hearts!

Colleen and Tony's unique Catfish tale

Colleen and Tony's story is quite unusual. Like many "Catfish" couples, they initially met on a dating app, per InTouch Weekly. But things moved rather quickly. Just a month into their online relationship, Tony asked Colleen to marry him. After much anticipation, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, the co-hosts of the show, set up an in-person meeting for the pair. To Colleen's frustration, Tony had been faking his identity online. He confessed that his real name was Jeremy. On top of that, he used someone else's photos on the app. Talk about being "catfished!"

Fans can watch the drama from their first meeting unravel in a "Catfish" clip on YouTube. When Tony steps out of his house, Colleen immediately confronts him about his lies. Not only did Tony lie about his identity, he also skewed the truth about his relationship with Colleen. She asked, "But why did you say that I told you I was 25? I've never once told you I was 25. And when did you send me hundreds of dollars?" Tony apologized, admitting he was "scared" and had insecurities about who he was. Despite his elaborate lies, Colleen still felt attracted to Tony. She told him, "You just gotta promise me no more lies." Then, Tony got on his knees and proposed to Colleen. She said "yes!"

Colleen and Tony stayed together

So, what ended up happening to Colleen and Tony/Jeremy? In a 2018 Facebook clip from "Catfish," Nev Schulman and Max Joseph video chatted the pair to discuss the current status of their relationship. When they asked about Colleen's engagement ring, the "Catfish" star showed that she was empty-handed. Then, in a moment of deja vu, Tony proposed once again to Colleen, who obviously said yes! Flashing a smile, she flaunted her special jewelry. Colleen then revealed, "We also have a child together as well."

Colleen and Tony's love can be witnessed on Colleen's Instagram page. There, she posts plenty of photos of her beau and child. In a February 2020 post, she shared a video of Tony holding their kid. Grinning ear to ear, the family looked as happy as ever. Colleen captioned the clip, "My Valentines." Fans were thrilled that the couple stayed together and took to the comments section to express their glee. One user wrote, "Still together and with a sweet baby! I love it! So happy for y'all! Y'all have been the only couple from 'Catfish' that i have ever looked up to see if you were still together and I knew you would be!!" Another user said, "Love that y'all were able to stay together ... look at the little guy!!"