Celebrity Romance Rumors That Fans Are Still Reeling Over

Nothing can capture the attention of the entire internet quite like a rumor about two unexpected celebrities dating. When a blurry paparazzi shot of a cozy dinner date hits the timeline, it's not long before fans go digging for more evidence of their romance and try to piece together the timeline of their relationship.

Sometimes, the romance isn't actually a romance. Other times, the fling doesn't last that long. Regardless, the mere idea of two high-profile celebrities getting together is enough to be the talk of the town. As fans, we love being a part of the ride as they go from just a rumored couple to quickly evolving into Hollywood power couples. And sometimes, those romances come and go before we even have a chance to agree on a catchy nickname for the couple. 

Ready to revisit some Hollywood romances and rumors that broke the internet and set fans into a frenzy? Roll up those sleeves, because we are going to dig into the confirmed, the unconfirmed, and everything in between. 

Harry Styles made Olivia Wilde his darling

After breaking off a long-term engagement, there's no better rebound than a former boyband star. In November 2020, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis announced the end of their engagement. At that time, Wilde was in the middle of directing her second feature, "Don't Worry Darling." The film was already highly anticipated, but when she was spotted holding hands with one of the stars, the internet lost their chill. In January 2021, Page Six shared snaps of Wilde and Harry Styles at a friend's wedding looking very couple-y. 

Soon the timeline of Styles and Wilde's relationship was brought into question with a source claiming to Page Six that the One Direction alum was the reason behind her broken engagement. "People have tried to make out that Harry and Olivia have only been dating for the past few weeks, but that's not right," the insider added. "Jason found out about Harry and pushed the conversation. Olivia then asked for a separation and news of the split was made public." What's more, there was no shortage of rumors about Wilde's relationship with Styles possibly having a negative impact on her dynamic with "Don't Worry Darling" lead Florence Pugh. 

However, when asked about the relationship timeline, Wilde told Vanity Fair, "The complete horses*** idea that I left Jason for Harry is completely inaccurate. Our relationship was over long before I met Harry." In November 2022, People confirmed Styles and Wilde split. Sad, but at least we got some intriguing drama out of it. 

Zendaya and Tom Holland fell in a web of love

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were in a relationship for a whopping four years. Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire dated for a brief time. And some years later, the "Spider-Man" romance trend struck again: In July 2021, Page Six shared some snaps of Zendaya and Tom Holland kissing in a car. The photos went viral, and fans had a couple name ready for them: Tomdaya. "Zendaya and Tom watching the internet break," one fan tweeted alongside a photo of the two stars giggling. "I literally don't know who to be jealous of Tom Holland or Zendaya," another posted. 

The moment was a long time coming. Zendaya and Holland were first romantically linked in 2017, with a source telling People the two began dating while filming "Spider-Man: Homecoming." However, both publicly denied it on Twitter at the time. 

Zendaya and Holland have since basically confirmed they're an item on Instagram, but they continue to keep things relatively low-key. Unsurprisingly, when rumors of a possible engagement bubbled up in November 2022, Tomdaya fans were sent into a frenzy. 

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's ups and downs

When Kylie Jenner started dating her ex-boyfriend, Blac Chyna moved on with Jenner's brother. In 2016, Chyna set the internet ablaze after posting a selfie featuring a mystery man's arm. It wasn't long before fans — and TMZ — pieced together that the arm belonged to none other than Rob Kardashian. "The beginning," she captioned the photo, hinting at their budding relationship.

Around that time, Tyga and Jenner just kicked off their relationship and Kim Kardashian was still married to Kanye West — the ex of Chyna's bestie Amber Rose. To many, dating Rob seemed like a calculated move, and without fail, the rumor mill went into overdrive. However, sources close to the Kardashians told People at the time that the family welcomed Chyna with open arms. By April 2016, two were officially engaged. When Us Weekly confirmed the two were expecting a child together, the internet just about spun out. "Blac Chyna gotta name the baby Karma Kardashian for the culture," one fan joked on Twitter. "Rose are red, Blac Chyna is petty, She's having Rob's kid, I hope Kris is ready," another user poetically tweeted. 

The origin of their courtship generated rumors and so did the demise. After welcoming their first child in 2016, their relationship took a seriously bad turn, and Chyna ended up in a brutal legal battle with Rob and other members of his family. 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly can't escape rumors

One couple announcement that we didn't see coming in 2020? Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. The two were first linked after Fox's separation from actor Brian Austin Green. In May 2020, Daily Mail reported that the pair of stars were hooking up and were interested to see where things were going. Kelly later set the record straight himself on Twitter: "I'm calling you girlfriend, what the f***.' Life imitated art on that one."

As the high-profile romance continued with public declarations of love and blood drinking, fans could barely wrap their heads around this couple. "Idk if i'm more jealous of Megan Fox dating MGK or if I'm more jealous of MGK dating Megan Fox," one fan tweeted. Some fans even found their PDA and over-sharing a bit too much to handle. "Cancel culture should be for things like Megan fox and MGK being too weird," another user joked.

In January 2022, MGK and Fox announced they were set to wed, but the gossip has yet to slow down. Throughout their engagement, there's been chatter about their relationship possibly being on the rocks, and they've swatted away one breakup rumor after another. Hey, when someone accepts an engagement ring that's loaded up with thorns, they're almost certainly in it for the long haul.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson sparked rumors

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's romance may have been relatively quick but it sure delivered a lot of content. The two got together in May 2018, and the tittle-tattle commenced. There were rumors about when they actually started dating and whether or not their relationship timeline overlapped with their previous relationships. There were rumors about couple tattoos. Oh, and how could we forget all of those rumors about Davidson and his BDE?

After only a few weeks of dating, Davidson popped the question with a $100,000 engagement ring. He later confirmed to GQ that the couple moved in together. "Congrats to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson on their engagement after dating for three hours," one fan tweeted, poking fun at the fast turnaround. "What if Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are the celeb couple that defy all odds, stay together forever and, I don't know, become an inspiration to us all?" another Twitter user wrote, hopeful about this whirlwind romance.

However, their engagement didn't last as long as their matching ink. The couple broke up in October 2018. Of their time together, Grande told Vogue, "It was frivolous and fun and insane and highly unrealistic, and I loved him, and I didn't know him."

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian also sparked rumors

A few years after his engagement with Ariana Grande ended with a swift "thank u, next," Pete Davidson landed on the arm of a reality TV superstar. As Kim Kardashian was coming out of a messy divorce from Kanye West, it's no surprise that she was looking for a fun rebound. While hosting an episode of "Saturday Night Live" in October 2021, Kardashian ended up connecting with Davidson. "They exchanged numbers and Pete asked if Kim would like to hang out sometime, which she agreed to straight away," a source told Us Weekly

After the two went public with their romance, many netizens raised an eyebrow. And even as things continued to heat up, there was no shortage of speculation about whether or not Kardashian and Davidson's relationship was the real deal. As one Twitter user posted, "Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian now?? They have Kris working OVERTIME for that Hulu show," one Twitter user posted. Another shared a gif of Forrest Gump running and tweeted, "Pete Davidson when any famous female celebrities need a rebound."

Outside of the cute Instagrammable moments, things between the two looked serious as Davidson branded himself with a few tattoos representing their romance, including references to Kardashian and her four children. The relationship wasn't as permanent as the tattoos. They broke up after nine months.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's reunion stunned fans

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's high-profile romance took over in the early 2000s. The A-list couple looked adorable during red-carpet appearances and fans had high hopes for their engagement. Though they split up in 2004, Bennifer would soon find their way back to each other. In something that sounds like something out of one of J.Lo's rom-coms, nearly two decades after they broke off their first engagement, they gave love another shot. 

After Affleck and Lopez were spotted out together a few times in April 2021, the general public just about fell over at the mere idea of Bennifer being back on; it seemed too good to be true. The two megastars let the rumors marinate a bit, and just as the speculation hit fever pitch, they officially confirmed their reunion on Instagram in July 2021. "The fact that Bennifer is a thing again is nature's way of resetting after the Trump administration," one Twitter user joked. It wasn't long before the two popped up with an engagement that left fans holding their breath and wondering if they'd actually walk down the aisle this time around. "It's like a nostalgic thing. Like being happy your parents got back together after all these years. I hope they make it last," one fan tweeted in support. 

Dreams do come true: Affleck and Lopez finally said "I do" in July 2022.

Grimes and Elon Musk surprised netizens

What do you get when the world's richest man starts dating an indie pop star? A unique couple, to say the least. The first interaction between the two was on Twitter as they exchanged tweets regarding music and other topics.

In May 2018, Page Six reported that the two were quietly dating. Naturally, the rumor mill was set ablaze. Their first public outing as a couple was on the Met Gala red carpet, and the jokes rolled in. "Elon Musk dating Grimes is all the proof you need to know we're in a simulation," one Twitter user quipped. Funny enough, that tweet wasn't too far off. On an episode of "The Elon Musk Show" (via Cosmopolitan), writer Devin Gordon said Grimes told him her then-partner had a rather peculiar theory: "[Grimes is] a simulation who was created by him and exists in his cerebral cortex as sort of the perfect companion to him."

The odd duo threw the world for a loop again in January 2020 when the singer hinted that she was pregnant on Instagram. And sure enough, the rumors generated by the post proved true: The couple soon welcomed a baby boy named X Æ A-12 Musk. "X Æ A-12 umbilical cord was definitely a usb cable. That baby doesn't eat or sleep they just charge it," one Twitter user wrote. After breaking up, getting back together, and welcoming a second child in 2021, the two split up once again in March 2022. 

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach shocked fans

Two news anchors cheating on their spouses with each other sounds like something out of a scripted HBO miniseries, right? Well, for T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, it's a story ripped straight from reality. Saying the romance between these "GMA3" co-hosts made some waves is certainly an understatement. In November 2022, Daily Mail released shocking photos of the two married anchors cuddling and kissing in public together. The report alleged that the two were in a full-blown relationship. Following the scandal, a source told People that the co-hosts split from their respective spouses before getting together. However, that didn't stop the internet from having some fun with the news. 

"Screaming at how non-discrete TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were about their affair. They may as well just called TMZ and leaked the story themselves," one Twitter user joked. "What is Joe Biden's plan to bring Wendy Williams back so she can exclusively comment on the Amy Robach and TJ Holmes affair?" another user tweeted.

After the aforementioned photos dropped, some more twists and turns followed, including a Page Six report that indicated this wasn't Holmes' first office romance. 

Rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid

Leonardo DiCaprio being linked to a supermodel isn't shocking news, however his supposed relationship with Gigi Hadid definitely got tongues wagging. Rumors first surfaced after the pair were spotted dining out together during New York Fashion week, per People. Sources told the outlet the actor was pursuing the model and the two were in the early stages of getting to know each other. "He really likes that she has her life together," a tipster claimed. "She has a child and she's mature. He wants to be with someone who has the same idea of good causes and political views like he does." 

Paparazzi later caught the two leaving a restaurant together in New York City, per Page Six. Social media users certainly had a dramatic response to the news. "Gigi Hadid dating Leo DiCaprio must be the WORST plot twist I've heard in Hollywood's dating scene all year," one tweeted. "She's too old for him," another Twitter user joked, referencing the actor's history of dumping women after they turn 25 years old. (Hadid was 27 at the time.)

Alas, whatever it was didn't stick, and they both seemingly moved on. By January 2023, TMZ reported DiCaprio was spotted on a yacht with a group of women in St. Barts.

Diddy and Yung Miami are believed to be a thing

Yung Miami and Sean "Diddy" Combs were first rumored to be dating in August 2021. Per Page Six, after they were spotted holding hands at a birthday party, and the internet was swift to react to the whispers about a possible love connection. "Yung Miami really got the city girls up $875 million points. I'm here for it," one fan tweeted in approval. It wasn't until June 2022 that the two finally addressed the dating rumors and somewhat confirmed they were an item. 

Combs appeared on Yung Miami's "Caresha Please" podcast and she grilled them about their relationship title. "I'm single," Combs said when she asked about his love life. "But I'm dating, I'm just taking my time with life." However, as Yung Miami pushed further, the rap mogul confirmed that the two had something going on. "We date, we're dating. We go have dates, we're friends. We go to exotic locations. We have great times," he shared.

Their lack of an official title didn't seem to bother Yung Miami. At the 2022 BET Awards, she sat front row as Combs was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. During his acceptance speech, the camera panned to her as she held a "GO PAPI!" sign. And then, Combs announced he welcomed his seventh child in December 2022... and the mother was not Yung Miami, per TMZ. As the internet began to really dig into what was going on, Diddy defended his relationship with Yung Miami.

Megan Thee Stallion and G-Eazy stirred up rumors

Megan Thee Stallion, aka the CEO of "Hot Girl Summer," has become one of music's biggest stars, and naturally, her love life is a hot topic. In 2020, the internet all but shattered into a million pieces when Megan shared a steamy Instagram video of her and fellow rapper G-Eazy. The pair were cuddled up and listening to music as G-Eazy planted plenty of kisses on her cheek. The Shade Room even shared a video of the two dancing in a club which made fans wonder if this was the new "it couple" of music. 

The memes quickly took over Twitter with fans expressing shock and making jokes about the pairing. "Hot girl Twitter on the way to snatch Megan out of G Eazy's bed," one fan joked. Alongside a meme expressing disapproval, another fan wrote, "Woke up and saw a video of G Eazy sucking on Megan The Stallions face... I'm going back to sleep." 

The Stallion responded to the jokes and dating rumors with a short tweet that shut everything down. "Lol alright nowww y'all got all y'all jokes out but I am not f***king G Eazy," she tweeted. When a fan asked why G-Eazy was all but eating her face, the rapper jokingly replied, "He like fenty."

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna made a splash

Any man attached to Rihanna is bound to find his name in headlines. In 2020, after RiRi and Hassan Jameel ended their three-year romance, it was quickly rumored that rapper A$AP Rocky was the man in her life. The Sun reported that something was brewing in January 2020 after the two were spotted at a concert together. A few days later, the outlet reported that the two were officially dating and claimed to have the information from a close source. However, it seems like Rihanna wasn't ready to make the news official just yet: a separate source told E! News around that time the "Love On the Brain" singer was actually single. 

By December, the two were spotted by Daily Mail kissing in Barbados and thus the romance was officially a go. The news caught a many fans off guard, to say the least. "ASAP rocky and Rihanna are really dating.......I-.....I thought it was just a joke y'all came up with," one fan tweeted. In January 2022, the couple broke social media yet again with their pregnancy announcement. A few months later, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were at the center of some messy cheating rumors that gave fans a scare for a second, but they proved to be false. They've since welcomed their first child together and are still going strong.