Below Deck Fans Tell Nicki Swift Who They Think Is The Best Chief Stew - Exclusive Survey

"Below Deck" has provided us with hours upon hours of entertainment since it first debuted on Bravo back in 2013. The addictive reality show documents the lives of the crew of a luxury yacht as they do all they can to give charter guests the time of their lives — all in the hopes of getting a very juicy tip at the end of it all.

The series is so popular that it's spawned a slew of spin-offs over the years — including "Below Deck Mediterranean," "Below Deck Sailing Yacht," "Below Deck Down Under," and "Below Deck Adventure" — with the number of spin-offs being rivaled in numbers by the many different cast members who have come and gone over the course of its various seasons. Though Lee Rosbach (aka Captain Lee) has been a staple on the main show, he's sailed with so many different crews it can be pretty hard to keep track — that's why we took it to you to find out who you rate the most when it comes to the ever-revolving door of cast members. We've already asked you who your favorite "Below Deck" captain is and found out who's your least favorite chief stew, but now we're flipping that on its head to find out your most beloved chief stew.

And the winner is...

Below Deck fans think Heather Chase is the ultimate chief stew

It was a landslide victory for Heather Chase, who nabbed an impressive 24.4% of the votes in Nicki Swift's survey. Though Chase only appeared on a single season of "Below Deck" (Season 9, dubbed "My Seanna") that was enough to make her the big favorite amongst the Bravo fans we polled. In second place? That would be another one timer in the form of "Below Deck Mediterranean" Season 6 "Lady Michelle"'s Katie Flood, with 20.45% of you choosing Flood as your favorite ever chief stew.

In third place... it's a tie! Outspoken Kate Chastain (who took on the role of chief stew on the original iteration between seasons 2 and 7 and is swapping her role as chief stew to become a mom) earned 16.49% of the votes before going on to appear on "The Traitors." That makes her just as popular as "Below Deck Mediterranean"'s Hannah Ferrier, who appeared on the first five seasons of the spin-off and made it clear she knew how to keep the crew in line.

Next up, 12.54% of those we asked named Daisy Kelliher as their favorite ever "Below Deck" chief stew, as she brought her skills to Season 2 and 3 of "Below Deck Sailing Yacht." Following up in sixth place after earning herself 9.62% of the votes, it's none other than the ever-positive Aesha Scott of the Australian spin-off "Below Deck Down Under," which aired its first season in 2022.