Meghan King's Plastic Surgery Explained

Meghan King is amazingly, unabashedly candid online. The former cast member of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" has an active life on social media and keeps her followers updated on the events of her life. She's been open about her co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband, Jim Edmonds; King claimed their children were not invited to Edmonds' 2022 wedding to Kortnie O'Connor. In fact, the former couple has had quite a few public feuds, and King has admitted that it's not easy to co-parent with Edmonds.

King has also been transparent about her failed marriage to President Joe Biden's nephew, Cuffe Biden Owens. King claimed to Us Weekly that the decision to get married so quickly was all Biden Owens' idea. "I didn't wanna rush into it at all," King said. "It was not me. That was all him." Their whole relationship lasted just shy of three months. But it's not only relationship news that King shares freely. She has also been transparent about her plastic surgery journey.

Meghan King had her breasts and nose done

Meghan King jumped on Instagram on January 18 to share what she did in terms of plastic surgery. In her caption, she joked that it's easier to go "filter free" now that she's had some work done, courtesy of Dr. Niccole at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach, California. "I've always been outspoken about any enhancements I've had (this time I wanted the fullness in my breasts back and a little cleavage, and since I was under anesthesia I opted to tweak the tip of my nose for a minor adjustment)," King wrote.

The former "Housewives" star said that she felt like her chest was wide, making her "feel masculine," so she wanted to get her chest done. King went on to say that she still feels like she's being her true self in this journey. "I ask myself if that aligns with the message of authenticity I want to always send and my answer is, yes, I think it does," she wrote. She wrote that she was comfortable in her own skin but she was always a little hard on herself. But what King was most proud of was that she had three children and was still rocking.

Meghan King addressed shame around plastic surgery

Meghan King first showed the results of her plastic surgery back in October 2022. On her Instagram Stories, King showed her nose seven days after her surgery, per People. Dr. Michael Niccole jumped in on her Stories and said, "We did breasts... We didn't do anything to her toes, but we did do her nose." King also admitted that her nose was really swollen after the bandages came off.

Months later, in January 2023, when King shared photos of her face and body on Instagram, she addressed the social pressure and shame around plastic surgery that can sometimes emerge. King put a stop to this right away. "The point is not that we judge one another for supposed inconsistencies, but celebrate their authenticity to themself," King wrote. "YOU. ME. We are our OWN bosses, we run our OWN shows, and we report to OURSELVES."

Nevertheless, a few people still got salty. "You basically just said you now love yourself because you changed yourself?" someone asked. "All I hear is 'I'm so authentic,'" another wrote. And another thought it was TMI. "And we need to see all this because......" they wrote. But we have a feeling that King won't slow down with her vulnerability and openness.