Jill Biden Makes Her Super Bowl 2023 Allegiance Crystal Clear

We finally know who Dr. Jill Biden will be cheering for at the upcoming Super Bowl LVII — not that it was a secret to begin with.

It's been well-documented that the first lady of the United States is a major sports fan. In an interview with ABC News in 2009, she shared that she started watching games at a young age. "I was a little girl," she recalled. "It was a great father-daughter memory for me." She would also squeeze watching games into her already-loaded schedule, including in 2008, when the then-senator Joe Biden was campaigning to become president. "I gotta tell ya, my wife, I'm on the campaign trail, she says, 'Joe, I'm going to the Series.'" President Biden dished.

What makes things even funnier is that in his marriage vows to Jill, the president apparently promised her that he would always root for her sports teams. "If I weren't, I'd be sleeping alone," he told CNN's Jake Tapper. What team was the president talking about, you ask? The answer can be found on the shirt Jill wore to the NFC Championship game.

Jill Biden continues to show support for the Philadelphia Eagles

It looks like Dr. Jill Biden is a Philly girl through and through. On January 29, the first lady attended the NFC Championship with Roger Goodell, and as evidenced by her sporting an Eagles sweatshirt, she was rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles, who happened to have won the game against the San Francisco 49ers. It's probably safe to say that she will be cheering the same team on come the 2023 Super Bowl.

Jill has long been a fan of the Philadelphia sports scene, as that's where she grew up, and she makes sure that everyone knows it. When the Phillies took home the 2022 World Series trophy, the professor took to Twitter to share how proud of them she was. "This team plays with such heart — so proud to be a @Phillies fan today, and every day," she wrote. And, in 2018, when the Eagles won Super Bowl LII, she also shared her live reaction on Twitter. "Video speaks for itself," she said, along with a clip of her jumping and cheering in the stadium. "Congrats, @Eagles!"

Jill is such a big sports fan girl that even President Joe Biden teases her about it. "Like every Philly fan, she's convinced she knows more about everything in sports than anybody else," he said in 2022 when the Atlanta Braves won the World Series, per AP News.