Bravo Fans Name The RHONJ Star Who Has Stayed On The Show Too Long - Exclusive Survey

The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" has been delivering theatricals since Season 1. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Season 4 was Bravo's "most watched [premiere] ever," with 3 million viewers tuning in to experience a bunch of grown-ups screaming, dropping F-bombs, and slugging it out while downing a crate of Chardonnay. It could be argued that any "Real Housewives" show fits those criteria — or you could simply head home for the holidays — but fuhgeddabout, there's something about New Jersey that sets it apart from the rest.

The Bravo staple delivers a punch, no pun intended, with its catty maulings, family bickering, juicy intrigue, hair extension pulling, prison drama, and table-flipping insanity. In an interview with TIME, Carlos King, one of the show's original producers, claimed that the table flip heard around the world changed the course of the entire "Real Housewives" franchise. "A lot of people are trying to have their table-flip moment. They feel like they need to rise to that occasion, and they always fail." King explained.

The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" Season 13 premiered on February 7, and it's clear there's no let-up on the drama front — or the Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice relationship war. In a previous survey, Nicki Swift asked, "which former 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star would you like to see return?" Looking at you, Jacqueline Laurita! Now, Nicki Swift is asking Bravo fans to name the RHONJ star who has stayed on the show too long. Hmmmmm. Tough one...

Bravo fans want to fuhgeddabout RHONJ's Teresa Giudice

It wasn't tough for fans to decide which "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star they think has stayed on the show too long. There's a resounding consensus on who they'd love to fuhgeddabout. Yep, it's the "RHONJ" OG of OGs, Teresa Giudice. She scored a whopping 68% of the 4,400 votes, proving there's only so much screaming and self-righteous denial the human brain can take.

Giudice is followed by her unwitting family foe, Melissa Gorga. However, the unluckiest sister-in-law in the world isn't even close. Only 15% of respondents would like to see Joe Gorga's battle-weary wife walk out the door, just turn around now because she's not welcome anymore. In third place with 6% of the votes is Dolores Catania. Per Bravo, the mum-of-two's work in the prison system "made her passionate about helping the less fortunate, especially families suffering in unfair circumstances," which must have provided great help to Giudice, post-incarceration.

Tying for third place is Jennifer Aydin. Only 5% of fans aren't excited to see what's in store for the recent empty nester and her burgeoning beauty business. In last place is Margaret Josephs. 5% of "RHONJ" fans are over the "Caviar dreams, tuna fish budget," mocktail diva, and "fierce LGBTQ+ ally." Bravo reports that Josephs is adding a flashy new pool to her historical home "so she can throw [anyone in] at her leisure." It's no wonder so many Bravo fans want to see her stay.