Sunny Hostin Compares Raquel Welch To Kim Kardashian (& It Doesn't Go Over Well)

Some people are destined for greatness, having fame bestowed upon them from the moment they put their first foot forward in the entertainment industry. Raquel Welch was one of those people. She catapulted to fame after starring in the 1996 film "Fantastic Voyage," which laid bare her immense talent, but beyond that, she was incredibly stunning. In the film, Welch rocked a makeshift bikini that quickly had her labeled a sex symbol in the industry. From that moment forward, Welch was a star and enjoyed many of the privileges afforded by it, including a Golden Globe and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Even as Welch got older, her beauty continued to remain a constant.

Sadly, TMZ reported that Welch tragically died at 82. The actor's rep, Steve Sauer, shared that she had died "peacefully" after a "brief illness." Fans of the late actress, including many famous ones, shared touching tributes to honor Welch's impact on the industry. The actor's impact on the industry is undeniable. She was one of the biggest sex symbols of the '60s (and beyond), with an incredible repertoire of acting credits to boot. 

When the ladies of "The View" began discussing Welch's legacy, co-host Sunny Hostin compared the legendary actor to Kim Kardashian — and the audience wasn't happy about it.

Audiences boo Sunny Hostin for comparing Rachel Welch to Kim Kardashian

Audiences of "The View" had something to say after Sunny Hostin compared Raquel Welch's sex symbol status to Kim Kardashian. As the co-hosts reflected on Welch's incredible career, Joy Behar shared that they "don't make sex symbols like that [anymore]." Before Behar could finish her train of thought, Hostin interjected, suggesting that Kim Kardashian is a modern-day sex symbol — and didn't go over well with the audience.

As soon as Hostin suggested the SKIMS founder was comparable to the "Fantastic Voyage" actor, audience members began to boo Hostin, shouting, "No!" The co-host appeared shocked by the audience's reaction as her mouth gaped wide open. This isn't the first time Kardashian has been compared to an iconic Hollywood "sex symbol," as many have compared the reality star to Marilyn Monroe and now Welch. Still, many disagreed, including fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg. "That's not even — you can't even put them in the same — I'm not even — look, I'm moving on," she said. 

Before forging ahead, Ana Navarro chimed in to divert attention away from Kardashian and instead focused her frustration on the media — who hardly mentioned that Welch was Latino. Navarro shared, "She was a Latina trailblazing actress from Bolivia." Welch's legacy will continue to be remembered, just don't try comparing her to Kardashian.

Raquel Welch mentioned the Kardashians in past social media posts

Raquel Welch actually shared an outfit comparison with herself alongside Kim Kardashian in one of her past social media posts. In January 2015, the iconic late actor posted side-by-side photos from the news site Hollywood Life on Instagram that displayed herself and Kim in fur bikinis. Welch was rocking her famous look from the film "One Million Years B.C." in the throwback photo, while Kim was seen in a fur swimsuit on the beach. "My fur bikini is making a come-backing Kim Kardashian. Who wore it best? Get your vote in," the Illinois native wrote.

In a post from 2016, Welch addressed the news that Kim's sister, Khloé Kardashian, had bought an image of her that was shot by Terry O'Neill. Khloé shared on her site at the time that the photo "was shot in 1966 to symbolize how Welch was 'crucified' by the entertainment industry for her sexuality," per People. On social media, Welch wrote in response, "It's nice to know that after all these years, that the ironies of being a sex symbol still resonate with a new generation of young women." While navigating her sex symbol status, she made it to the top of the entertainment industry through dedication and integrity.

Raquel Welch showed pride in her roots

Raquel Welch climbed the Hollywood ladder while having pride in who she was. The "Legally Blonde" actor was a single mother who put in a great deal of effort to kick-start her career as a performer. She went on to gain success through parts in movies like "Fantastic Voyage," "One Million Years B.C.," and "Myra Breckinridge." Welch's liberated stance on being a woman and a sex symbol in the industry was part of her appeal.

"I've noticed a tendency in my gender to underestimate the value of being a member of the female sex," Welch stated in her memoir, "Beyond the Cleavage" (via Vogue). She added, "I've fought that tendency in myself, and have come to adopt a more positive and empowering attitude toward the art of being a woman." Additionally, Welch stayed true to her background and kept her birth name rather than going by a stage name like "Debbie." Welch said, "People didn't like my name and they said it was too ethnic, too difficult to pronounce, too exotic," (via U.S. News). The famed actor went on to say, "They wanted to change it, and I was not happy at all. I did really feel like Raquel." Welch also stated, "The essence of who I am is a Latina."