The Hottest MLB Players In The Game Today

Major League Baseball (MLB) is full of dedicated and talented athletes who also happen to have swagger and sex appeal, and it has been since its advent. As far as former players go, we could probably write an encyclopedia-length list with the number of hot men that have played the game. Even if we were to stick to recent memory, there are far too many men — from Anthony Recker to Chris Davis to Trevor Plouffe — to wrangle with. So, we focused our list on the hottest players in the game today, which still proved to be a difficult task. It might not seem like a lot of work to cobble together a list from the current MLB rosters, but the issue was not finding our favorite hotties, it was finding too many.

Though active rosters are capped at 26 players, an extended roster can include up to 40 men. And since there are 30 teams in the MLB, that means there were well over a thousand players we had to consider. There must be something in the water (or Gatorade?) too, because there happens to be an exorbitant amount of sexy dudes in the MLB. There are many, many hunks we could have included — Brandon Crawford, Noah Syndergaard, Mike Trout, Danny Mendick, Mitch Haniger, Eric Hosmer, and more — but we had to make some tough cuts and we stick by them. In no particular order, here is our list of 20 of the absolute hottest MLB players in the game today.

Bryce Harper is a sexy beast

According to the Major League Baseball website, Bryce Harper was the fifth best player in the league for 2022. He is also one of the league's hottest players, something that has landed him on virtually every list of MLB hunks that has ever existed. With his talent and his attractiveness, it is no surprise that Harper is incredibly popular on social media, with 1.7 million Instagram followers and a million Twitter ones, as of this writing. He is also in high demand for endorsements and, in 2016, even broke records when he signed a deal extension with Under Armour. Thankfully for us, he has modeled underwear for the sportswear brand, which has resulted in some pretty steamy pictures.

Harper also steamed it up when he posed nude for the 2015 ESPN Body Issue, which somewhat shocked us given that he is a devout Mormon. Still, we love that his religious beliefs are flexible enough to allow him to show off his body — though he also looks good in his uniform, street clothes, or formalwear. Harper has been in the public eye for over a decade, ever since joining the MLB in 2018. He spent seven seasons with the Washington Nationals and has been with the Philadelphia Phillies since 2019. In 2019, Branded Sports asked, "Is Bryce Harper actually hot or are guys just mansplaining his hotness to us?" We can confirm: he is actually hot.

Max Kepler is finer than most male models

There is nothing that is not hot about Max Kepler. Seriously, even his first name, Maximilian, is sexy. The German-born athlete, who joined the MLB in 2015, has played for the Minnesota Twins for the entirety of his major league career. He is probably not leaving baseball anytime soon — he has a massive 35-million-dollar, five-year contract with the Twins — but The Athletic and other sources reported that he may be traded in 2023. Still, if things don't work out in his favor, he could totally have a career as a male model. Yes, Kepler is that fine.

From his sculpted jawline to his piercing blue eyes to his cheeky smile, Kepler's face is immaculate. At 6'4" and 225 pounds and with a muscled but not bulky physique, Kepler's body is great as well. He does not have a ton of pictures on his Instagram, but that hasn't stopped us from recognizing his beauty. So too have others, which is why he's number one on Ranker's list of "The Hottest Baseball Players of 2023." Kepler also has a spot on SportyTell's 2022 piece, "41 Hottest Baseball Players in The League Right Now," and in 2019, was listed as one reason for women to be baseball fans in a super gender-stereotypical article by Barstool Sports.

George Springer has an infectious smile

According to official MLB rankings, George Springer is one of the best 100 players in the league right now (he's number 33). That is great news for the Toronto Blue Jays, Springer's current team that he joined in 2021. Prior to the Blue Jays, the handsome zaddy was on the Houston Astros for seven seasons, which is where most fans first noticed his good looks. As of this writing, Springer has 128,000 Instagram followers despite only ever having made seven posts, and 22,000 followers on Twitter even though he has not tweeted since joining in 2017 and writing "#tweet" in his first post. Still, there are plenty of photos of Springer on the web — most in uniform, but we are not complaining.

Springer's most appealing physical feature is his beaming smile, which could light up the darkest of rooms. He also has great hair when he is not styling it in a gross fauxhawk, which he did at one point when he was on the Astros. Add in silky smooth skin, a cute layer of facial hair, and a fit body led by some solid biceps, and you have a full-on MLB hunk. Even if you don't think Springer deserves his massive $150 million contract, he has more than earned his place on lists like this one, PopSugar's "11 Hot Baseball Players That Will Have You Singing 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game'," and SportyTell's "41 Hottest Baseball Players in The League Right Now."

Nolan Arenado is a major zaddy

Nolan Arenado joined the MLB in 2013 and played eight years for the Colorado Rockies before the St. Louis Cardinals acquired him in 2021. According to The Denver Post, not only did the Cardinals fork up $51 million for Arenado, but they also sent over five players in the trade. So, yes, Arenado is a big deal player who is in high demand for his athleticism. We are going to focus on his good looks and sex appeal, though, both of which Arenado has in spades. And sure, he has been with his wife for years — ever since high school — but that has not stopped us from daydreaming about the hunky third baseman.

Arenado has been named one of the MLB's hottest by many publications, was featured in E! Online's 2015 gallery devoted to photos of sexy baseball players, and is currently ranked second on Ranker's "The Hottest Baseball Players of 2023." He has no official Instagram or Twitter — so don't expect thirst traps any time soon — but there are multiple fan accounts on Instagram that have tens of thousands of followers and feature good pictures of the star athlete. Plenty of these photos highlight Arenado's fantastic smile, sexy scruff, and great head of hair.

Kevin Kiermaier has the dreamiest eyes in the MLB

We need to start our plug for Kevin Kiermaier with a conversation about his eyes, which are the dreamiest in the league (and possibly even the universe). The guy has been in the MLB for a decade, spending most of his years on the Tampa Bay Rays before joining the Toronto Blue Jays in December 20222, so he is obviously a solid baseball player — but those eyes are by far our favorite thing about Kiermaier. Accentuated by a thick set of brows and very long lashes — which once even caused an eye injury that took him out of the game — Kiermaier's green peepers are unignorable. Even Fox Sports has him discussing the color of his eyes on video (spoiler alert: they are not blue, as many believe).

Unsurprisingly, Kiermaier is on essentially all lists of hot MLBers. Beyond his eyes, Kiermaier has many other sexy physical traits, including his adorable pointy ears, nice teeth, and perky baseball booty. Plus, "This man could rock scruff as a full-time job," declared Cosmopolitan. "Is it any wonder that women are flocking to Rays' games this season?" Queer men are also into Kiermaier, which he seems to be fine with, given his support of the Rays' Pride Night (multiple Rays players refused to wear pride gear in 2022). "We just want everyone to feel welcomed and included and cheer us on," he told CNN.

Aaron Judge is steaming hot

In 2022, People magazine included outfielder Aaron Judge in their yearly "Sexiest Man Alive" issue, causing sports media to react — even the MLB website posted a story on it, and Sportskeeda came out with a collection of photos that they said proved Judge's sexiness. Judge is one of the few MLB players to ever be featured on People's "Sexiest Man Alive" lists (Derek Jeter was the last one before him), but even on baseball-focused rankings of hotness, Judge often makes the cut. 

Judge's MLB career began in 2016 when he was drafted by the New York Yankees, for whom he still plays. He was the 11th best player in the league in 2022, up from number 21 the previous year. With his skills on the field and his major sex appeal, it makes sense that Judge has a rather large online following. He has 1.6 million Instagram followers, even though he rarely posts photos that are not game pics available in other places. As Sports Illustrated noted when he joined the league, Judge is one of the biggest MLB players — literally. Per the article, Judge is 282 pounds of bulk in a giant 6'7" frame. "Look at Judge. Look at him. That's scary, man. That's the scariest thing I've ever seen," former MLBer David Ortiz told Sports Illustrated. Change "scariest" to "sexiest" and we can get on the same page.

Dansby Swanson has an amazing head of hair

Dansby Swanson is an example of a baseball player who should be one of the key faces of the MLB, and we have many reasons why. First of all, he's very good. He was the first pick in the 2015 draft, and though he was traded pretty quickly by the Arizona Diamondbacks, he has proven his value on the Atlanta Braves since 2016. Dansby also has a large number of high-profile endorsements, including T-Mobile, Degree, Nike, Ford, and Papa Johns. Third, his online following is considerable, with over 650,000 Instagram followers and over 200,000 Twitter followers, as of this writing. But really, our biggest justification for wanting Dansby front and center is because he's very, very pretty. Like, so pretty.

Dansby has a host of great physical features, which have caught the attention of Barstool Sports as well as many fans across the nation. In 2017, one fan named Camryn Chiu even asked Dansby to prom — and while it does not appear he went, the zaddy did bring Chiu down onto the field (via the Athens Banner-Herald). We really cannot fault the girl for shooting her shot, either, because Dansby is in another league when it comes to looks. He has a beautiful smile and a sexy beard, but what has gotten the most attention is the shortstop's luscious head of hair. GQ once ran an article on his hair, entitled "MLB's #1 Pick Dansby Swanson Shares How He Gets His Flowy Locks," so you know that mane is solid.

Kiké Hernández is a stone-cold fox

Kiké Hernández loves to show off — and we are certainly not complaining. In 2019, he did a "bend and snap" that caught the attention of media outlets, including Instinct Magazine, and caused waves across "gay Twitter," per LGBTQ Nation. On multiple occasions, the center fielder's twerking has also made the news, and even TMZ re-posted a locker room video of Hernández popping that booty back in 2019. Is it simply a playful sense of humor or an acknowledgement of his own hotness and how thirsty fans are for him? We don't know, but we are here for it. Hernández, who has been declared one of the hottest MLB stars by SportyTell and Ranker, has a level of swagger and sex appeal that most could only dream of.

Hernández joined the MLB in 2014, and his team affiliation has changed quite a bit. He began his career with the Houston Astros, was quickly traded to the Miami Marlins, then quickly traded again to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was with the Dodgers for six seasons before joining his current team, the Boston Red Sox, in 2021. Despite (or maybe because of) his jumps around the league, Hernández has cultivated a large online following. As of this writing, he has 766,000 Instagram followers and over 218,000 Twitter followers, all of whom would likely be fine should he decide to post a new twerking video. In the meantime, there are plenty of photos that show off Hernández's gorgeous face and bulging biceps.

Corey Seager has that boy-next-door hunkiness

We all know a guy like Corey Seager in real life, minus the millions of dollars and international fame. There is something familiar and approachable about Seager — or "Seags," as he is often called — who is incredibly handsome, but who seems like a nice guy down the block. He is married to his high school sweetheart, loves his adorable dog, and seems relatively humble for a guy with a 10-year contract worth $325 million. That contract is a franchise record for the Texas Rangers, but it's not like Seager is not worth it. He was named Rookie of the Year in his first season, has plenty of other awards including 2020 World Series MVP, and is currently ranked number 21 in the league.

In addition to being extremely talented, Seager is also a gorgeous specimen. He has lovely blue eyes, startlingly white teeth, and a fantastic jawline. His smile is warm and inviting, and his body is lean but fit (the 6'4" Seager weighs 215 pounds). Seager — who spent seven seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers before joining the Rangers in 2022 — is no stranger to being called a hottie. He has been included on countless lists or galleries of hunky players. He also has a large online fanbase, with over half a million Instagram followers and a Twitter following of nearly 125,000 — although those numbers are only rising.

More eyes should be on hottie Akil Baddoo

Akil Baddoo is the youngest athlete on our list, both in terms of chronological years as well as time spent in the MLB. But even though he has not been on the national stage for a long time, Baddoo is hard not to notice. He started his major league career with the Detroit Tigers in 2021, and immediately, his physical attractiveness came to our attention. Baddoo has a beautiful smile and sexy well-groomed beard, in addition to a smoking hot body. Take a peek at any photo of him in action and note his giant quads, for example. You won't be sorry you Googled!

As a newer MLB player on a relatively low-ranking team, Baddoo has not yet amassed a huge following. He has only 35,000 Instagram followers and a minimal (for a professional athlete) 10,000 Twitter followers. However, we're certain that number will grow. That is not to say that no one else has noticed his good looks, as he earned a place on Ranker's "The Hottest Baseball Players Of 2023" as well as SportyTell's "41 Hottest Baseball Players in The League Right Now." Baddoo's Instagram has only the occasional thirst trap, but it has plenty of photos highlighting his big arms, winning grin, and piercing stare. He's still in his mid-20s, so we can look forward to ogling Baddoo for plenty more years to come if things go according to plan.

Kris Bryant is one of the sexiest MLBers ever

If you are a baseball fan with an eye for hot dudes, then you had to know Kris Bryant was somewhere on our list. He is, without doubt, one of the most attractive players in the MLB — not just currently, but as Cosmopolitan noted, "of all time." The left fielder joined the league in 2015, after which he spent seven seasons with the Chicago Cubs before a quick stint with the San Francisco Giants. He is currently on the Colorado Rockies and is ranked number 66 in the league. Bryant is also very popular on social media, with nearly a million Instagram followers and over 700,000 Twitter ones.

But back to Bryant's good looks, which have landed him on countless hot lists online. Bryant's eyes are the clear starting point in terms of his sexiness, because his baby blues will pierce your soul (yes, even through a computer or television screen). The 6'5", 230 pound gentle giant also has a great grin, beard, hair, body, and pretty much everything else. And if you are in doubt, there are plenty of photo galleries to convince you, like PopSugar's "13 Times Kris Bryant Was So Hot We Wanted to Go to Third Base With Him" or 97ZOK's "Kris Bryant Is So Hot in These Photos We Can't Keep It Together." Back when he was on the Cubs, Bryant was even on a list of players who OutSports cheekily claimed could "turn a straight guy gay."

James McCann puts the catch in catcher

Kris Bryant is a hard man to follow, but if anyone could do it, it is James McCann, another legitimate hunk. At 235 pounds, McCann is a solid slab of beef that looks mightily good on the field or off of it — like in his modeling shots for fashion brand Lawrence Hunt, for example. The catcher started his MLB career in 2014, playing for the Detroit Tigers for his first five seasons. He then spent two years with the Chicago White Sox before joining the New York Mets, his current team, in 2021. He may not be one of the highest-profile players in the league — he has a modest 70,000 Instagram followers and a roughly equal number of Twitter ones — but McCann is definitely one of the sexiest ones.

In 2016, Cosmopolitan magazine included McCann on their list of the "30 Hottest MLB Players of All Time," and he is only getting hotter with age. Now in his 30s, McCann is not crazy ripped (we know this from shirtless vacation photos on his Instagram!) but we don't think he needs to be. He still has great biceps, and his lower body is killer, as you would expect from a catcher. His face is his moneymaker, though, and probably the reason why he has been included on so many hot lists. We are particularly fond of his smile, especially when it is featured in the cute family photos he is fond of posting.

Giancarlo Stanton has the body of a Greek god

In 2013, Giancarlo Stanton took part in the ESPN Body Issue, where he posed nude as one of their "Bodies We Want 2013." Well, we want it too, but maybe not in the same way. Those who are attracted to men and watch baseball have probably noticed Stanton, who has been in the MLB for more than a decade and is pretty hard to miss at 6'6" and 245 pounds. Stanton began his MLB career with the Miami Marlins in 2010, back when they were still called the Florida Marlins, and he stayed in Florida until joining the New York Yankees in 2018, where he remains today. He ranked number 61 in the league for 2022, up from 97 the previous year.

Stanton's statuesque frame and handsome face are widely on display on his Instagram, which has 1.2 million followers, as of this writing. From his forearms to his biceps to his pecs, there is much to admire about Stanton's body, and it is not just ESPN that has noticed. In 2018, Stanton did a shirtless photo shoot for a cover story in Men's Health, where his abs and other muscles were on full display. He has also been included on a variety of lists of the best-looking MLB players. Stanton was even tapped to appear in a sexy music video for singer Lexy Panterra's "So Good," which had him half naked and rolling around in a bed, back in 2017.

Alex Kirilloff may struggle with his wrist, but his face is great

Alex Kirilloff is another younger MLB player who has caught our eye with his good looks and sex appeal. Kirilloff joined the league in 2021, playing with the Minnesota Twins, but has struggled with an injured wrist that took him out of commission before the end of both the 2021 and 2022 seasons when he had to get surgeries, per By January 2023, Kirilloff was swinging a bat again. This made us rejoice, mostly so we can see him in his uniform again.

Kirilloff has a much lower profile than the rest of the men on our list, with not even 10,000 Instagram followers and just under 6,000 Twitter followers, as of right now. You won't find any thirst traps or even shirtless vacation photos from Kirilloff either, but he is hot enough that he can spice up even the tamest social media photos. Kirilloff has gorgeous skin (he is, after all, only in his 20s) and an adorable smile, plus a sexy layer of scruff and soulful brown eyes. These features helped him land on Ranker's "The Hottest Baseball Players Of 2023," as did his fit, lean frame.

Javier Báez is extremely hunky

Javier Báez joined the Chicago Cubs in 2014 and played for them for eight seasons before being traded to the New York Mets. In 2021, he signed with the Detroit Tigers, who offered him $140 million on a six-year contract. Báez was one of the league's best players in 2022 — number 67 to be exact — and he is no stranger to awards and accolades. Báez also has a big social media following, especially on Instagram, where he has 1.4 million followers. They are likely there for the baseball content, but the shortstop also posts a lot of cute family photos and videos.

Báez might not have an Instagram filled with sexy pics, but lucky for us (and the world more generally), he did pose nude for ESPN's 2017 Body Issue. In fact, as BET pointed out, Báez even showed more than originally intended in a behind-the-scenes video, much to the delight of thirsty fans. Physically, Báez has many gifts, all of which are also on display in PopSugar's "You'll Need a Cup of Ice to Cool Down After Seeing These Steamy Photos of Javier Báez." We are particularly fond of Báez's cool tattoos, which cover his arms, hands, and right leg — and probably more that we can't see, since most were added after his nude photo shoot. Báez is also a big fan of jewelry, which he can pull off because of his mega swagger.

Adam Duvall's hotness far exceeds his follower count

Let's talk about underrated hotties and focus in on Adam Duvall, a super cute center fielder who for some reason has only 47,000 Instagram followers, as of this writing. At least some media outlets have recognized his hotness, since he is on Cosmopolitan's list of "The 30 Hottest MLB Players of All Time" as well as SportyTell's 2022 article, "41 Hottest Baseball Players in The League Right Now." Still, Duvall deserves a bigger following, if only for his perfect jawline and amazing head of hair. He also has a muscular frame and a sexy smile, so we will blame his lower follower count on the fact that he has not posted to his grid since 2019, and not a lack of interest in him.

Beyond looks, Duvall deserves a larger following as a good player who has been in the league for nearly a decade. He started in the MLB with the San Francisco Giants in 2014 but has moved around a lot. He has been on the Cincinnati Reds, the Miami Marlins, and the Atlanta Braves (twice), and signed a one-year deal with the Boston Red Sox. On top of that, he has spoken out about living with Type 1 diabetes on multiple occasions, once telling the MLB Network that he aims "to be an advocate that you can do whatever you want to do," and has actively worked with the Taylor Hooton Foundation — which focuses on appearance and performance enhancing substances — for years.

Jacob deGrom cut his hair, but his sexiness remained

Jacob deGrom joined the New York Mets in 2014, winning the Rookie of the Year award that same year. He has been with the Mets ever since and has established himself as one of the MLB's best starting pitchers. deGrom was ranked number seven in MLB Network's player rankings for 2022, despite being out for much of the season with a shoulder injury. A rare athlete with no social media presence, deGrom is popular enough that multiple fan accounts have popped up as surrogate places for his admirers to congregate (one Instagram account alone has 42,000 followers).

For a long time, deGrom was known for his long, flowing locks. His hair was very much his trademark, to the point where GQ even ran a piece about how he maintained his mane (also featured: fellow long-haired player Noah Syndergaard). Even The New York Times wrote about it and, when deGrom cut his locks in 2017, everyone from Sports Illustrated to USA Today had something to say. 

Not only do we not think deGrom lost his sex appeal when he cut his hair short, but we actually think he increased it. We are now much more able to focus on his face, which is incredibly handsome and features one of the greatest smiles in baseball. deGrom is a pretty thin guy — at 6'4", he is only 180 pounds — but he wears it well. Both Ranker and SportyTell have called him one of the MLB's hottest, and we concur.

Cody Bellinger is beyond attractive

Cody Bellinger is smoking hot. He is so hot, actually, that on two occasions female fans have rushed onto the field to try to touch him. And while we don't advocate storming into a baseball game, we do understand the urge to hug Bellinger (and if we did not, the shirtless photo of him in bed that his girlfriend shared in 2020, would have convinced us). Bellinger doesn't really have any bad features, so it's a matter of choosing the best of the best. His perfect bone structure and sparkling blue eyes are probably our faves, and they keep Bellinger looking great whether his hair and/or beard are long or short at the time.

Bellinger joined the MLB in 2017, and he has been with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the entirety of his time in the league. Even though he dropped a whopping 89 spots in MLB's rankings, the center fielder was still ranked in the top 100 for 2022 (he was 99). But we are here to talk about how much of a zaddy he is, not his ball playing, so let's get back to that. Bellinger has made it onto many a hot baseball player lists, and he is also very popular on social media. He has over 900,000 Instagram followers and a Twitter following of 227,000, though he is more active on the former (but still not very active).

Jack Flaherty is beautiful inside and out

When designing this list, we really aimed for a variety of different types of men, including varying degrees of notoriety. Jack Flaherty is not unknown, but he is also not a massive name. Flaherty joined the MLB in 2017 and has played for the St. Louis Cardinals for six seasons. Given that he is a starting pitcher who looks like a J. Crew model, one might assume he would have a million Instagram followers by now, but Flaherty's latest count is 115,000 — great for a mere mortal, but not especially dazzling for an athlete. With one of the most stunning faces in the league — that jawline! — we knew that Flaherty needed to be on our list (his body is pretty fantastic too, as is his style).

Beyond the aesthetics, Flaherty may be one of the most lovable dudes in the league right now. For example, he praises his mom every chance he gets and even made Today for the way he excitedly hugged her after a big win. He also made the news when he stood up for LGBTQ+ people by calling out the five Tampa Bay Rays players who would not wear Pride Night uniforms. He fights for clean water and celebrates African American trailbreakers, but here's the real kicker — something that tells us all we need to know about the guy. Flaherty donated thousands of books to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis, all of which were purchased at a local Black-owned bookstore (via

Alex Bregman is easy on the eyes

Alex Bregman is a controversial player, depending on who you ask, because of the Houston Astros cheating scandal from 2017. Bregman joined the Astros in 2016 and has been playing for them ever since, so he weathered the storm in the aftermath of the scandal but did not experience any personal fallout beyond some trash talking online MLB fans. But we are not going to blame Bregman for something that is far larger than just him and he certainly meets the criteria for this list, because he is a major hottie. Plus, Bregman has a lot of supporters, including over 725,000 Instagram followers and more than 330,000 Twitter followers.

Bregman was the 29th best player in the league for 2022. And as we said, he is also one of the prettiest. Bregman has a cute, cheeky smile and adorable dimples, as well as a great jawline, beautiful eyes, and a rocking body (which we got a great view of thanks to one of his teammates posting a shirtless Bregman on his story in 2018). Both SportyTell and Ranker have named Bregman one of the MLB's hottest, thanks, in no part, to his good looks, but probably also his swagger and charisma.