Paris Hilton Follows Up Son's Name Announcement With First-Ever Family Photoshoot

Paris Hilton knows how to leave fans shook, and her latest surprises have just kept coming. In late January 2023, the hotel heiress left the world speechless after she announced that she and her husband, Carter Reum, welcomed their first child together. Hilton posted a photo on Instagram of her gripping her newborn son's hand with the caption, "You are already loved beyond words." The announcement was such a shock to fans because no one knew that Hilton was even expecting a child. The former reality star decided to have the baby via surrogate, which made the secret of the pregnancy easier to keep, per People.

While many celebrity parents choose to keep their children out of the spotlight, Hilton and Reum are eager to share their little bundle of joy with the world. The hotel heiress knocked out two birds with one stone when she promoted her upcoming memoir, "Paris: The Memoir" and revealed her son's name. Unlike the recent trend of keeping your baby's name a secret, Hilton was happy to share that her son is named Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum on the "This Is Paris" podcast. Like Hilton's name, Phoenix's name is based on a location. Because of that and the meaning behind the word "phoenix," it made the perfect name for Hilton's first child. 

Not long after Hilton announced the name, the businesswoman gave fans another look into her life as a mother by sharing the first family photos of her, Reum, and her son.

Paris Hilton stuns in photos with her son

If there's one thing you know about Paris Hilton, it's probably that she lives a glamorous life with an even more glamorous style. So when it came down to her and her husband, Carter Reum's first photo shoot with their son, you knew she would pull out all the stops. Let's just say Hilton didn't disappoint because she and her family stunned in their first photoshoot together.

In partnership with Glamour for her cover story, Hilton dropped the first photos of baby Phoenix. Love exuded from the image of the entire family as Reum kissed Hilton on the forehead, and held Phoenix close to her chest. The picture shows Phoenix's face so clearly that fans can now debate whether he looks like Hilton or Reum. Either way a person leans, it's undeniable that he has some of his mother's features. The second image was just of Hilton and Phoenix. With both mother and son in white, the picture was breathtaking as you see Hilton give a kiss to Phoenix. From these images alone, it's clear how in love the new parents are with their baby boy.

Hilton later shared the photos to her Instagram saying, "Baby Phoenix. Our whole entire world." As Hilton embarks on this new chapter, she's not taking anything for granted and is looking forward to the future. "I just want to enjoy my life with my family and be normal," she admitted to Glamour.