Are Outer Banks Stars Madelyn Cline And Madison Bailey BFFs Off-Screen Too?

Actors can be best friends on a show, while in real life, these celebrities actually hate each other. But in the case of Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey of "Outer Banks," it's the opposite. Their characters Sarah Cameron and Kiara Carrera actually start off the first season despising each other — even though they used to be good friends. Throughout the three seasons, they eventually reconnect and end their feud. But in real life, these two actors are as close as can be.

While "Outer Banks" gave both Cline and Bailey their breakout roles, Cline started acting in commercials and modeling at age 10, and Bailey transitioned from wanting to be a singer to acting on TV shows, such as "Constantine" and "Black Lightning." So with fame hitting them hard at the same time, it's no wonder why these two got so close. Cline told Grazia magazine in May 2021 that the cast immediately had chemistry and started hanging out right away. "We all, kind of, started in the same place when we got the show, and we just stuck together," she shared. "We're all going through the same thing and it just helps to have people around you who understand and who are there for you. We keep each other grounded and we hype each other up. We're all each other's best hype man."

Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey are pretty close

There's something so wholesome about seeing two celeb friends give each other compliments on social media. And that's definitely the case with Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey. For instance, in January, Cline posted shots from her "Who What Wear" cover shoot on Instagram. Bestie Bailey commented, "My knees hurt Madelyn. Chill." And in November, she came out to support Cline at the premiere of her Netflix film, "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery," in which Cline plays Whiskey, the girlfriend of wannabe podcaster Duke (Bautista). 

Bailey also shared photos of Cline and "Outer Banks" co-star Drew Starkey. "We are all so proud of you Mads," she wrote in the caption. "We know how much you deserve it. This is truly just the beginning for you." Cline then responded with, "Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou," in the comments.

Their support for one another isn't just Instagram-deep, though. In a game for Glamour in September 2021, the "Outer Banks" stars participated in a "compliment battle," with Cline commending Bailey for how great she is. "She's an incredible listener and an amazing friend," says Cline. "When you need to talk, she's gonna be there." 

Did Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes's split change the Outer Banks cast?

When Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes split up in 2021 after dating for more than a year, questions about whether the tight-knit "Outer Banks" cast would splinter came up. But Cline told People that she always had a "safe space" on the job and that she and Stokes were always on the same page regarding the show and their relationship. "We've said from day one, our job is always to leave the show and the season better than when we left it last," she said. "And everybody is still very much a family. 'Outer Banks' has always been a family. And I'm just happy that we are able to remain professional." Stokes shared the same sentiment with Entertainment Weekly: "Mads and I have been working together now for 30 episodes, and we made a promise to each other before we even started dating that the work was always going to come first."

Madison Bailey, seemingly friends with both Stokes and Cline, also told People that cast members, including Stokes, calm her nerves after tough scenes. "I think we all just have each other's back and being like, 'Hey, you're safe here. You're good. This is not... We are acting. Everything's all right,'" she shared. "I don't know, just being there for each other I think is how we get through those hard days."