Details Behind Anne Hathaway And Jeremy Strong's Real-Life Friendship

Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong share a supportive offscreen companionship. The duo previously worked together on the 2019 thriller "Serenity," as well as the 2022 film "Armageddon Time." In a May 2022 Variety interview for the latter film, Hathaway described her enjoyment in collaborating with Strong. "Luckily, one of the great joys of working with an actor as extraordinary as Jeremy is we felt the same instincts for what's essential to establish a family," Hathaway said. She added, "You sort of build the shape of the thing together. And then we showed up, and Jeremy understood his character so well."

Hathaway and Strong then chatted with the Los Angeles Times about the James Gray-directed drama in December 2022. In order to convincingly pull off playing spouses, the two found ways to prepare before stepping on-set amid the pandemic. "We were making it up as we went. Jeremy and I took it upon ourselves to meet and hash it out. Just spend time and play," Hathaway said of getting ready to take on their roles side-by-side. These talented co-stars have also developed a close connection in real life.

Anne Hathaway is 'proud' to have Jeremy Strong as a friend

Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong have become close buddies in recent years. In October 2022, the duo told People how their friendship grew following working together on the movie "Serenity." Hathaway shared that her and Strong's "lives kind of opened up in a similar way at a similar time in that we both became parents at roughly the same time." She went on to say, "From my perspective, this gorgeous friendship has taken root." The news site also wrote that Hathaway, Strong, and both of their families and friends had stayed in a vacation house together in the recent past. 

Additionally, Hathaway has publicly spoken positively of Strong. In December 2021, Hathaway took to Instagram to offer kind words about her colleague, whom she said she's "proud to consider a friend" of hers. At the time, as Today wrote, Strong had been facing a bit of backlash as a result of his method acting approach being written about in a profile by the New Yorker. "I deeply value his qualities of thoughtfulness, sincerity, authenticity, sweetness, depth, kindness, generosity, as well as his powerful intelligence and extraordinary sensitivity," Hathaway added. Hathaway and Strong have further vocalized their mutual feelings of admiration.

Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong respect each other's talent

Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong are friends who think highly of one another's professional abilities. The performers talked for an "Actors on Actors" Variety discussion in June 2022, during which Hathaway detailed Strong's commitment to his work. "One of the reasons why I'm so grateful to know you, and also I'm so grateful that we're pals — it's so wonderful without having to talk about the creative process, because it can feel very intimate to just know that you do it with your whole soul, that you do it with everything that you have," Hathaway said. Furthermore, Strong said that he is "blown away by the versatility" and "the courageousness and the investment" of Hathaway's performances. 

In October 2022, Hathaway was asked about the experience of acting alongside method actors like Jared Leto and Strong. In response, the "Princess Diaries" star noted it was "great" to be on-set with both Leto and Strong. "I can be a little timid sometimes when I first meet people, and it shakes me right out of it," Hathaway said of their approach to performing on "Watch What Happens Live." She then said, "I just felt like I had two unbelievable partners that I was working with. I loved it."