The Most Expensive Things Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Own

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are unapologetic about stirring up drama. Between Harry's allegations that Prince William physically attacked him, his claims about how the royal family treated him differently, and the Netflix docuseries that enraged former royal staff, he isn't mending any bridges. Rather, it seems that he and Markle are further isolating themselves from Harry's family. Indeed, in March 2023, King Charles served Harry and Meghan an eviction notice from their Windsor abode. "It all feels very final and like a cruel punishment," a source told Yahoo! News UK. "It's like [the family] want to cut them out of the picture for good."

Even so, the couple seems to be making do. In addition to speaking their minds, they're laughing all the way to the bank. Harry's book deal advance reportedly brought him $20 million while the couple's five-year deal with Netflix, signed in 2020, is worth a cool $100 million. And they've got the lifestyle to prove it. Although they're no longer receiving freebies nor allowances from the palace, they're still living like royals and are totally ensconced in the lap of luxury. Their lavish ways have even gotten them labeled as hypocrites. In 2022, for example, they repeatedly used a $6.5 million Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign private jet that totally went against their eco-conscious stance. While we don't know if they actually own said plane, they do own all of the ridiculously expensive things below.

Their posh Montecito home is worth millions

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle famously decided to flee royal life in January 2020, initially settling on Vancouver Island in Canada. Unfortunately, their timing wasn't ideal. As the pandemic hit, the couple decided to quickly move again, fearing a US-Canada border closure. This time, they landed in Los Angeles in March 2020. The only problem? They didn't have a home. Things really worked out when Tyler Perry (whom they'd never met) offered them the keys to his $18 million mansion in Beverly Hills. As Page Six discovered, the swanky villa had eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms and was spread out across 22 acres.

It wasn't a permanent solution, though, and the couple eventually dropped a reported $14.65 million on their own home in Montecito. According to The Times, which dug into legal docs, the sale was privately closed in June 2020 and the 14,500-square-foot mansion never hit the market. Seated on a seven-acre property, the house has nine bedrooms, as well as a games room, home theater, spa, gym, and even an elevator. Not to mention there's also a guest house, tea house, tennis court, and swimming pool. As Forbes later learned, the lovebirds got a serious deal on the place, as Russian investor Sergey Grishin originally purchased it for $25.3 million in 2009. "We did everything we could to get this house," Markle told The Cut. "It's healing. You feel free." Jump to 2023 and Mirror reported they were shopping for a bonus private island retreat.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle love fancy cars

When you spend millions on a home, the cars in your driveway are likely to reflect the hefty price tag. Indeed, both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle love a fancy car and they've been spotted cruising around in some seriously swanky rides. In 2023, the Daily Mail snapped them driving in a Land Rover priced at £170,000 (about $212,000) while Express reported they also splurged on a £119,000 (about $148,500) Range Rover Autobiography to celebrate the success of Harry's book, "Spare." The couple's Netflix documentary, "Harry & Meghan," also offered a glimpse at their other luxury vehicles, including the all-electric 2022 Audi e-tron, which has a starting price of $67,095. What's more, Drive identified two other rides in the doc, despite only getting small glimpses at them, namely a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen (starting price $141,050) and a Porsche 911 (starting price $107,550).

The couple's love of expensive cars is nothing new. Following their 2018 wedding at Windsor Castle, they drove to their reception in a Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero priced at a whopping £300,000 (about $374,000). Then, in 2020, they were seen using a Cadillac Escalade (with a starting price of $76,500) to get around Beverly Hills. Interestingly, they were swiftly criticized for choosing this particular ride while pledging to be carbon neutral. As the Daily Express noted, an Escalade's CO2 emissions clock in at 207g/km – more than double California's recommended 95g/km.

Meghan Markle's wardrobe is beyond extravagant

Meghan Markle has no qualms about spending big to look her best. While she has admittedly worn affordable pieces from mid-range retailers and brands like Aritzia, Mackage, and Club Monaco, she most often mixes those everyday staples with seriously luxe purchases. In 2018, Vanity Fair investigated how much it cost to dress like Markle and found she had a million-dollar wardrobe made up of pieces like a "casual" $18,000 Givenchy dress. Not to mention her wedding looks which really blew her budget out of the water. Her Ralph & Russo engagement dress cost a whopping $75,000 while her wedding gown was one of the most expensive royal wedding dresses ever. Markle's custom-designed Givenchy frock cost $135,000 according to Brides, while Marie Claire UK speculated that the price tag was actually closer to £200,000 (about $249,000).

Since leaving royal life, Markle has continued dressing like a duchess. In 2022, the Daily Mail reported that she had splurged at least £79,000 (about $98,000) on new looks that year alone. In order to arrive at that astonishing figure, the outlet analyzed her various outfits and only counted the value of new pieces she had never been seen in before. Just some of the biggest splurges included a £4,281 ($5,300) Ralph Lauren coat and a £3,600 ($4,500) Valentino dress. Applying that same method to 2021, the Daily Mail found Markle had spent £58,388 (about $73,000) on fashion that year.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are drawn to luxury watches

If the details make the look, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sure know how to accessorize. Markle's huge handbag collection is the stuff of envy online and includes top designer brands like Mulberry, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta. In 2022, Hello! noted that, in the span of 24 hours, she toted three different designer totes. The total cost of all three bags? Somewhere around £4,300 (about $5,400). However, even her varied selection of bags can't outshine her watch game. Markle is a big fan of Cartier timepieces and has repeatedly been spotted wearing Princess Diana's gold Cartier Tank. While it's undoubtedly priceless due to its sentimental value, its monetary value is also boggling, clocking in at an estimated £17,800 (about $22,000). Before that, Markle purchased her own Cartier watch, the French Tank, to celebrate "Suits" being renewed for a third season. As she told Hello! (via Insider) in 2015, "I totally splurged and bought the two-tone version." She spent $5,800 on the gift to herself and had lofty plans for it. "I had it engraved on the back, 'To M.M. From M.M.' and I plan to give it to my daughter one day," she shared.

While he may be outdone by his wife, Prince Harry has shown off his own luxury watches on numerous occasions. Over the years, Tatler Asia has analyzed the timepieces on his wrist and seen him sporting a stainless steel Rolex Explorer II worth around $9,650, as well as a titanium Breitling Aerospace Avantage which retails closer to the $4,000 mark.

Meghan Markle's jewelry collection is seriously lavish

If you want to talk about a serious style flex, look at Meghan Markle's jewelry collection. Just a few of her most lavish pieces include $40,000 Lorraine Schwartz diamond and onyx earrings, a $30,100 Cartier Juste un Clou necklace, and Princess Diana's iconic Asprey ring which cost a whopping $98,000, as reported by South China Morning Post. However, it was her wedding day look that really set a precedent, clocking in at a ridiculous amount. For her walk down the aisle, Markle donned Galanterie de Cartier earrings and a Reflection de Cartier bracelet valued at $66,500 and $155,000, respectively. Then there was her engagement ring. Perhaps the most expensive piece she owns, the diamond stunner was designed by Prince Harry and features an ethically-sourced Botswana diamond in the middle flanked by two smaller stones taken from Princess Diana. "The little diamonds on either side are from my mother's jewelry collection to make sure that she's with us on this crazy journey together," Harry told BBC News.

In trying to value the ring, Diamond Pro CEO Michael Fried told Money, "Having diamonds from the royal collection that Princess Diana wore makes the ring priceless." That being said, given it's about 6.5 carats, it's estimated to be worth as much as $350,000. Which may not have been enough for Markle. Controversially, she seemingly upgraded the ring in 2019 by swapping the plain gold band for one covered in pavé diamonds, pushing its monetary value even higher.