Who Is Madison Beer's Boyfriend, Nick Austin?

Madison Beer has truly made a name for herself since she gained Justin Bieber's attention in 2012. Bieber catapulted Beer's music career into the stratosphere after he personally shared one of her YouTube videos on social media. As Beer has become more popular, her personal life has also been thrown into the spotlight. The "Reckless" singer has made headlines not just for her music but also because of the relationships she has had. From supposedly dating Brooklyn Beckham, to having a romance with Vine star Jack Gilinsky, Beer has had her share of heartache and love.

While the musician has had her relationship ups and downs, Beer is currently in her "lover girl" era, as she's in a relationship with Nick Austin. The "Selfish" singer has been smitten with her new beau and even told InStyle why this relationship is so different from her past. She said, "I'm super happy within my relationship, and I feel really safe, and I feel like I'm with someone I consider my best friend, which is very important. In the past, I haven't really spent 'friend time' with my boyfriend, whereas now, I kind of do."

Beer's relationship with Austin is clearly different from all her ex-boyfriends and she's seemingly happier than ever. The couple has been together for quite some time now and we're here to fill in on all the details about the man who captured Beer's heart.

Nick Austin is a famous TikToker

Madison Beer better grab a tripod and brush up on her TikTok dances because her boyfriend, Nick Austin, is a famous TikToker. Austin became big on the social media platform after posting lip-syncing videos that gained thousands of views. His fame in the social media world only grew when he joined the famous Hype House in November 2019. For those unfamiliar with Hype House, it's essentially a home filled with social media content creators like Addison Rae and Charli D'Amelio, who film and work on projects together.

Austin became a fan-favorite, but his posts suddenly slowed down during 2020 and 2021, per People. When he returned to social media, he explained his reasoning for abruptly ghosting everyone on YouTube. He shared, "I got really overwhelmed by social media and everything I was doing to be viewed by millions of people. I didn't know how to balance my personal life." The social media influencer did express some regret over how he handled the situation, though.

Still his social media break didn't affect his following. Austin has more than 9 million followers on TikTok and posts now and then. Beer has even popped up in a couple of videos with the influencer. In August 2022, he posted a lip-syncing video with the "Selfish" musician, and the caption, "Why is she so hot." So it looks like not only is he back to posting, but he's also sharing his love.

Madison and Nick became Instagram official in 2021

Nearly a year after first being spotted together, Madison Beer and Nick Austin became Instagram official. Rumors about the speculated romance began in August 2020 when the Daily Mail reported the two looked cozy while at dinner in West Hollywood. From then on, fans dug deep and tracked everything the two did together. In September 2020, Beer and Austin were spotted out on the town with a couple of other friends, per the Daily Mail. After being out together a couple of times, fans were convinced the two had something going on and their flirty exchanges on social media only heightened romance rumors.

According to Seventeen, Austin started reposting the "Good in Goodbye" singer's post on his Instagram Stories. Not just that, but the TikToker left several cheeky comments on Beer's social media posts. It seemed obvious they were together, but fans wouldn't have their suspicions confirmed until a couple of months later.

In March 2021, Austin made it known that Beer was his girl after he shared a sweet post for the singer's birthday. He wrote, "I don't know how i got so lucky. happy birthday to the love of my life, my best friend, my dream girl, my soulmate. every day with you feels like i'm dreaming, which i might be. i love you. forever n ever n ever." Although it took some time for them to go public, it's clear the two are head over heels for one another.

Nick and Madison have been private about their relationship

The start of Madison Beer and Nick Austin's relationship was kept under wraps for a while. Now that they have gone public, the musician and social media influencer are still keeping things private. The "Selfish" singer revealed on the "Pretty Basic" podcast how she has chosen to go about sharing her relationship with Austin much differently than with her past romances. She said, "We're really private. And we don't really post about each other often because, I had two other public relationships, and I felt like it took away from our intimacy. And also, it's no one's business, quite frankly."

Beer revealed to Access Hollywood that neither she nor Austin feels pressured to share their love life online, and they post whenever they want to. While it's not as often as some fans would like, followers still love the glimpses they get of the couple's relationship — and it seems like Austin posts the couple more online than Beer does. In October 2022, the social media influencer shared a photo of him and Beer dressed up for the Halloween season as Hugh Hefner and a Playboy bunny. Again, in August 2022, the TikToker shared a video clip of some of the highlights from his year, and some of those clips featured the "Reckless" musician. Hopefully, as the two continue their swoon-worthy romance, they'll post more on social media for the world to see.