The 5 Steamiest Moments From Kyle Richards And Morgan Wade's New Music Video

Country music's Morgan Wade and reality TV star Kyle Richards filmed a music video together for Wade's single, "Fall In Love With Me," and its contents are quite steamy. The two women became fast friends after they started chatting on Instagram. "I heard Morgan on the radio. I heard 'Wilder Days.' And then I went to all the others, and I was like, 'Wow, this girl is really blowing me away with her voice and the lyrics," Richards said in an Instagram Reel featuring behind-the-scenes footage for the new music video. From there, Wade sent "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star a direct message and the two started chatting. Wade quickly became part of Richards' friend group and their relationship blossomed from there. 

However, rumors that Wade and Richards are more than friends have been circulating for several weeks and said rumors only intensified when Richards and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, confirmed they were having marital troubles. "There has been no wrongdoing on anyone's part," their joint Instagram statement, shared on July 4, read. And despite Wade saying the video for "Fall In Love With Me" was a way to "troll the trolls," these two besties sure gave us a lot to talk about. Let's take a closer look at the steamiest moments from the video.

Morgan Wade's water bottle cool down

The "Fall In Love With Me" music video appears to start out innocent enough, with Morgan Wade's character grabbing some boxes out of a moving truck and carrying them into a nearby garage, while Kyle Richards, playing the role of a nosy neighbor, peers from a window to check her out. As she starts to get sweaty from working outside in the sun, Wade removes her jacket, showing off her toned physique — and her tattoos. She then starts drinking a bottle of water as the lyrics, "Wanna take off your clothes, wanna mess up your hair," can be heard.

Wade then takes the bottle of water and pours it over her head, which is apparently too much for Richards to handle. At that moment, she backs away from the window with her mouth wide open, taking a breath. Richards gazes off into the distance, clearly thinking about Wade and starting to fantasize, which brings us into the next scene.

Kyle Richards shows some extra love to an envelope

Kyle Richards can be seen sitting on the floor in an eccentric living room, complete with a large green couch and a black-and-white striped rug. Richards is in a tulle gown with a black bustier that features lace trimmings and leather straps that go around her neck and are fastened by a padlock. Oh, and we can't forget about the long, red gloves. Richards looks into a compact mirror as she applies pink lipstick before she begins pushing letters on a typewriter. It then becomes evident that she's trying to write some sort of love letter. When she's satisfied with what she wrote, Richards spritzes some perfume onto the letter.

The steamiest part of the scene comes when Richards seals the envelope, sticking out her tongue and really ensuring that she saturates the glue. The screen pans to Morgan Wade, who appears to be holding the same envelope, which Richards kissed, leaving a pink lipstick mark, before sending it to her neighbor's house. It's at this point that things start to really pick up.

Yup, there's a bathtub scene

Although it didn't get too much screen time, Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards did film a bathtub scene together. The camera starts out in another part of the bathroom and begins to zoom in on the two women, who are sitting in a free-standing soaking tub, while surrounded by bubbles. The two are both holding pink bubble wands and blowing bubbles toward one another. "I've been working really hard, I've been pulling all-nighters. You text me from the yacht, you're sipping cider," are the lyrics that play over this portion of the video before the camera cuts away.

The next line of the song is directly related to dating someone famous. "Don't worry, I ain't tipping off Insider," Wade sings. From there, she appears to be inspired by the same daydreams Richards was having and picks up her guitar, set to write a song about how she's feeling. "But I'm drunk on Hemingway dreams. Fitzgerald ain't got nothing on me. Like the Bible, make you believe. You were blind, but you're gonna see," she sings. 

As that's happening, Richards is decked out in 80s workout gear, complete with a leotard over a pair of leggings. Richards then does the splits, which "Real Housewives" fans know all about; in 2017, she called it a party trick on Instagram. This time around, Richards is wearing a pair of silver, strappy, open-toed heels — and Wade is looking on from next door.

Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade almost kiss

One of the hottest moments in Morgan Wade's music video features her and Kyle Richards coming this close to locking lips. After the workout scene that helps Wade write her song, she goes outside to wash her car (because what else would she do?). While she's outside, Richards is also outside watering her plants. Richards is wearing a black bodysuit with an elaborate diamond necklace and a floor length cover-up and is in full glam as she tends to her garden. Wade looks on and can't help but throw a smirk in her neighbor's direction. 

After sneaking some glances at one another, Wade takes off her crop top and walks over to Richards. "I don't know what time zone you're in, but I, I hit you up like, I need a friend," the song plays as Wade takes hold of Richards' face. The two appear as though they are going to kiss — and then it's time for a scene break.

A feeding frenzy in the kitchen

By far, the absolute steamiest scene in Morgan Wade's "Fall In Love With Me" music video comes toward the end. Wade and Kyle Richards are standing in a kitchen together and Wade has her hands all over Richards. From there, the two women feed each other watermelon before a full-on frenzy begins. Wade pushes Richards up against a counter before Richards grabs a raspberry and gently places it on Wade's lip. Next up, whipped cream-covered strawberries, which Wade teases on Richards' mouth before eating them herself. Strawberries, cherries, blackberries, and whipped cream straight out of the can round out the kitchen scene.

There are plenty of intimate moments, almost kisses, a bitten lip, and out of this world chemistry before the music video wraps up. Wade can be seen lying on a couch with her eyes closed as if she was fantasizing about the whole fruit scene. She gets up and goes to answer her front door. There, Richards is standing with some flowers. After Richards enters the home, Wade breaks the fourth wall and offers a wink to the camera. We have a funny feeling the music video is going to do anything but put an end to those romance rumors.