Did Brandi Cyrus Ever Get Romantic With Bachelor Star Wells Adams?

While superstar Miley Cyrus' name is often in the headlines, her older half-sister Brandi Cyrus prefers a more low-key approach. But just because Brandi isn't the one in the Cyrus clan singing onstage at "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve," plenty of fans still know who she is — and not just because she's related to multiple Grammy winners. Brandi has carved out a name for herself as a DJ and podcaster — specifically, the "Your Favorite Thing" podcast, which she co-hosts with "Bachelor" alum Wells Adams, and "Sorry We're Stoned," a lifestyle-themed podcast with her mother, Tish Cyrus. "YFT" has been on the air since 2018, and every Wednesday, co-hosts Brandi and Adams regroup to "share their favorite, and sometimes least favorite things," ranging from "conspiracy theories" to "influencer faux pas."

Like Brandi, her co-host Adams also has famous ties, though his come by virtue of reality TV, as well as his marriage to "Modern Family's" Sarah Hyland. In 2022, Brandi was invited to Adams and Hyland's 2022 wedding, which she documented on Instagram. Likewise, it appears Adams was supportive of Tish and Dominic Purcell's 2023 nuptials, at which Brandi spoke. Brandi and Adams are clearly close friends, as befitting podcast partners, but is that all that's between them? Brandi previously spoke to Us Weekly about how she first met Adams on a blind date, which is a lot juicier than the story about Adams growing up in Nashville and getting to know the Cyrus family by proximity. Let's investigate.

Brandi Cyrus and Wells Adams dated

First comes love, then comes ... a podcast? Sort of. Technically, Brandi Cyrus and Wells Adams' "Your Favorite Thing" podcast came about after the two didn't feel any sparks. "[Brandi and I] got set up on a blind date," Adams told Us Weekly in 2018. "It did not work. ... [But] the date went well enough where we're like, 'Oh well, this is cool.' ... So it wasn't terrible." Cyrus summed up the experience by remembering that she and Adams "hung out a couple times." She added, "Wells has a couple radio shows in Nashville, so I started coming in to guest on his morning show and then we were like, 'Let's start a podcast! This is fun.' And here we are."

Appearing on an episode of "Showmance: The Glee Recap Edition," Cyrus again reiterated how neither she nor Adams were attracted to each other. "Halfway through the second date, we were both like, 'This is a friend thing,'" she recalled. But just because they were never romantically involved doesn't mean they don't have a lot of love for each other. Cyrus is one of Adams' biggest champions, and she has gushed about his relationship with Sarah Hyland since she and Adams started dating. "If you spend two seconds with them, you just know, like they are so great together and it was meant to be. So I'm just super happy for him," Cyrus told Us Weekly in 2022.

Brandi Cyrus and Wells Adams share a love of family (and 'The Bachelor'!)

As with any close friendship, Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus have influenced each other's lives. When she made a guest appearance on "The Bachelor"-centric podcast "Click Bait," Brandi revealed that she'd become a fan of the show because of Adams. "Wells and I had just met right before he went on that season," she said. "He was like, 'So I think I'm going to go on this show...what do you think?' And I was like, 'I think you should go ... go for it.' ... I'd never seen it before." When asked directly whether Adams' time on the show launched her love for all things Bachelor Nation, Brandi smiled and replied, "For sure."

Brandi is close with her family, and she and her younger sister, Miley Cyrus, have documented their sweet relationship over the years. Thanks to his friendship with Brandi, Adams also considers himself to be a friend of the Cyrus clan — which is why he was salty not to get an invite to Miley and Liam Hemsworth's wedding in 2018. "I complained [to Brandi]," he told Us Weekly a few weeks later. "You know, I thought I was really close with Tish [Cyrus]. ... It's messed up that I wasn't invited to the wedding." However, there were no hard feelings when Tish remarried Dominic Purcell, judging by Adams' sweet comment on Tish's Instagram. It's nice to see how both Brandi and Adams value their relationships with family and friends.