Megan Thee Stallion And Justin Timberlake Squash Feud Rumors With One Simple Video

Megan Thee Stallion is saying "Bye Bye Bye" to all the rumors that she and Justin Timberlake are feuding. The MTV Video Music Awards are known for creating iconic celebrity-on-celebrity drama, from Kanye "Ye" West infamously storming the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech in 2009 to Nicki Minaj telling Miley Cyrus, "What's good?" in 2015, per Cosmopolitan. There's never a shortage of drama when the VMAs are on, and the 2023 awards were no different.

There were a lot of moments during the VMAs that people couldn't stop talking about, but one took the world by storm. To give fans more of a feel that they were at the show, the VMAs had cameras on specific celebrities and even backstage. Although these cameras didn't air live, people found these way more entertaining than the actual show at some points. Fans were living for the backstage camera, especially when Megan spoke to Timberlake. A video went viral of the two after their interaction backstage, not because it was exciting to see two big celebrities, but because it seemed like Megan was arguing with Timberlake.

In the video, Timberlake leans over amongst a crowd to tell Megan something, but the "Savage" rapper's expression quickly changes. She seemingly looks angry and starts moving her hands in a way that had many people believe she was telling him off. Immediately, this video went viral, and people quickly suggested the two had some serious beef, but that doesn't seem to be true.

Megan Thee Stallion clears the air with Justin Timberlake

There were no arguments being handed out during the MTV VMAs, just Moon People. Megan Thee Stallion and Justin Timberlake's supposed fight backstage instantly took over the internet, but it's not what it seems. Not long after that video took the world by storm, Joey Fatone, who was by Timberlake's side for an NSYNC reunion, witnessed the entire showdown. He told Variety, "He [Timberlake] said, 'It's so nice to meet you,' and she [Megan Thee Stallion] said 'No, no this don't count, this don't count. We gotta meet proper.'" Still, the internet didn't seem convinced because Megan looked like she was seeing red in the video, and Timberlake was her target.

But fans of Megan and Timberlake have nothing to worry about, because the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper has put the rumors to rest. In a video shared by Megan to TikTok, the two were seen laughing and talking to the camera, although fans couldn't hear the exact conversation because the Grammy-winner had replaced the original sound with a song. However, fans now know that the air has been cleared because Megan assured there was no tension between the two in her caption. She wrote, "I just talk with my hands lol see ya next time @justintimberlake." So it looks like the 2023 VMAs were drama-free, at least for Megan and Timberlake.