Patrick Mahomes And His Wife Brittany Live Wildly Lavish Lives

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany Mahomes, aren't shy about flaunting their massive wealth. Remember when Brittany showered Chiefs fans with champagne and angered the internet? Well, she could install a champagne shower in her bathroom at home to further infuriate her haters — if she so pleases.

Mahomes' net worth swelled when he signed a 10-year contract extension with the Chiefs worth a record-breaking $450 million. On top of that, he has sponsorship deals with over a dozen companies, including Adidas, Subway, State Farm, and Nestlé. Together, they're valued at around $20 million, and they helped Mahomes snag the No. 24 slot on the Forbes list of The World's Highest-Paid Athletes of 2023.

Mahomes shared his thoughts about money in a 2022 "Football Morning in America" interview. "It's not always about getting the most money. It's about going out there and winning and having a legacy that you can kind of live with forever. For me, that's what I want," he said (via CBS NFL). "Obviously, I want to make money and be able to buy everything I want and all that different type of stuff, but that's not the reason I started playing football." It turns out that a lot of the stuff Patrick and Brittany want has pretty hefty price tags, so it's a good thing he has that lucrative contract and all those endorsement deals.

Patrick Mahomes' huge shoe collection

When you have more money than you know what to do with, sometimes an easy way to spend a chunk of it is to choose one item and build a large collection of said item. (This can also be a smart investment if there's a chance that your collection will increase in value.) Some millionaires collect art, jewelry, or antiques, but Patrick Mahomes has decided to stock up on sneakers.

In 2019, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes purchased a $1.9 million home in Kansas City. When they started renovating it, Patrick decided that one room's sole (pardon the pun) use would be to house his collection of 180 pairs of sneakers (as well as a few pairs of sunglasses). He gave Bleacher Report a tour of the room in 2019, revealing that its features include light-up displays for some of his favorite sneakers, which he called his "babies." They include Yeezy Triple Black 750s and "Game of Thrones" Adidas Ultra Boosts. "I can wear each one of 'em, like, twice a year!" he said of his collection.

Patrick got some new shoes deserving of a special spot on the wall of fame for his 2022 wedding: custom Adidas Mahomes 1 sneakers. "You can see they got the diamonds on 'em, really kind of stunting with the light blue, which is my wedding color. So, I'm sorry, everybody; these are one-of-ones, and no one else can get 'em," he said in a GQ video interview.

The Mahomes built a brand-new home

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes have two luxurious home bases. Per the New York Post, they purchased a $3.3 million house in Westlake, Texas, so they can reside in their home state when it's not football season. But in 2020, they put down roots in Kansas City by spending $400,000 on a plot of land and beginning construction on their dream home.

The couple have since moved into their new abode, which is far larger than their former three-bedroom house. Aerial photos published by the Daily Mail show that its outdoor features include a pool and a 50-yard football field for Patrick to practice on — his name is even emblazoned in the end zone to make him feel extra special when he scores a TD. The addition of a soccer goal makes it a multi-use field. Patrick is an avid golfer, and now he doesn't have to leave home to hit the links, as he has his own three-par golf hole. It's located right next to a pond, but we don't know if he's hired anyone to fish out his errant golf balls for him.

Fans can get a peek inside the mansion in the Netflix series "Quarterback," per The U.S. Sun. The pool has a swim-up bar, and there's a large fish tank located next to a swanky indoor bar. For family movie night, the Mahomes have a theater room. "I'm part of Chiefs Kingdom and this house embodies that," said Patrick.

The couple spends big on their kids

In an interview with "Today," Patrick Mahomes revealed that he wanted his family's new house to include a basketball court, not just for himself, but for his two children, daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes and son Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes III. "It gets a little cold, so I wanted to have some opportunities to be active inside," he explained.

In addition to being athletes in the making, the Mahomes kids are one stylish duo. When Bronze was born in 2022, Patrick's Instagram announcement included a photo of his son's custom diamond chain featuring his name. Sterling received her own pricey present on her second birthday. On her Instagram Story, Brittany Matthews shared a video of the tot opening a box containing a Chanel purse worth almost $5,000.

Brittany often shows off the toys that her children own on her Instagram Story, like the mini indoor "roller coaster" she got for Sterling. It features nine feet of track and a ride-on, wheeled unicorn with a horn that lights up. Brittany has also shared photos of Sterling giving her baby bro a ride in their tot-sized Mercedes truck. But when Brittany took Sterling on a Target shopping spree and told her that she could buy anything her heart desired, she learned that her daughter doesn't have expensive tastes. "She picked the scrunchies, a Minnie mouse toilet seat, and 3 tooth brushes," Brittany wrote.

The Mahomes love expensive accessories

Patrick Mahomes shouldn't ever be late for anything; he has an impressive collection of timepieces so stunning that we're surprised he's not raising his wrist every 30 seconds to admire them. According to Wrist Enthusiast, Patrick owns at least half a dozen Rolex watches. Most of their price ranges run from anywhere between $10,000 to $70,000, but he has two that are worth substantially more: a Platinum Rolex Day-Date valued at around $150,000 and a Daytona Rainbow worth over $500,000. While he's obviously a huge fan of the luxury watch brand, he accessorized his 2023 Met Gala look with a Cartier Santos timepiece with a $7,750 price tag, per Wrist Enthusiast.

The priciest accessory Brittany Mahomes likely owns is her dazzling diamond engagement ring. Jewelry experts told Page Six that its huge emerald-cut stone is likely between 8 to 10 carats and placed its value as high as $800,000. She also owns another sentimental piece: a custom nameplate necklace that her husband gave her as a push present when their son was born. "She got a necklace that has Sterling and Bronze's names on it," Patrick told "Today," before adding, "She wears it a lot." When it comes to clothing, we know that Brittany is a Versace fan; she got married in a white cut-out dress from the fashion house and rocked another cut-out Versace gown in black to the 2023 ESPYs.

The couple don't seem concerned about their carbon footprint

Thanks to Patrick Mahomes' partnership with the private flight provider Airshare, he and his family never have to fly commercial; a Challenger 350 private jet is always at Patrick's disposal. "He uses it for all of his family trips," Airshare CEO John Owen told Fox 4 of the plane, which features big-screen televisions and a high-quality sound system. "He can also take it on his business trips if he's working with any of his other partners or dealings." After Mahomes inked his contract extension with the Chiefs in 2020, he and teammate Travis Kelce hopped on a private jet and flew to Lake Tahoe for a celeb golf tournament, per TMZ, but we don't know if it was the Challenger.

Thanks to Patrick, Brittany, and Jackson Mahomes' Instagram accounts, what we do know is that the Mahomes love to travel, so their carbon footprint is likely huge if it's true that they always fly via private jet. Patrick and Brittany had a destination wedding in Hawaii, and they headed back to the islands for the Mahomies Aloha Classic golf tournament in June 2023. The following month, they traveled to Yellowstone National Park with their kids for a family vacation. Brittany and Patrick are also big fans of Cabo San Lucas; they enjoyed sun-soaked getaways there in 2020 and 2021. Patrick's brother Jackson joined them for the former trip.

Patrick Mahomes' big automobile purchases

We're guessing that Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes' blueprints for their new mansion included a substantially sized garage because they're accumulating quite the automobile collection. In 2020, ESPN reporter Louis Riddick tweeted a photo of a Ferrari 812 Superfast that Patrick purchased after he inked his big Kansas City contract. Car and Driver places its value at $338,000, according to HotCars. After Patrick shared an Instagram photo of Brittany leaning against a different Ferrari as he kissed her, Brittany took to her own Instagram account to inform everyone that the vehicle was not a gift from Patrick. Apparently, people were confused because Patrick had wished her a "Happy Mother's Day" in his caption.

Patrick did, however, buy Brittany a new ride in 2021. After she showed it off on her Instagram Story, Insider identified it as a Lamborghini Urus worth around $230,000. Later that year, Patrick appeared on "The Drive" radio show and revealed that Brittany had purchased a mini version of the Lamborghini for their daughter, Sterling, as a Christmas gift. "It was awesome, and you can control it through a little remote control too," he said.

The Mahomes' fleet of vehicles also includes a 2020 Rolls Royce Cullinan worth around $335,000 and a Genesis G70 sedan valued at almost $36,000, per CarHP. Patrick got the latter for free after being named Pro Bowl MVP in 2019.