Why Donny Osmond Has No Plans To Work With His Sister Marie Anytime Soon

Out of Donny Osmond's many sibling collaborations, his working relationship with Marie Osmond is the most enduring. It has resulted in unbelievable acclaim and success over the decades. So, the reason why Donny has no plans to work with his sister Marie again anytime soon comes as a surprise to many.

Per Biography, the couple started their on-screen partnership by cohosting the "The Mike Douglas Show" in the 1970s. They were so popular in the role that it led to their own series, the smash hit "Donny & Marie" variety show, and even a feature film, "Goin' Coconuts," which was sadly less of a fan favorite. Still, the brother and sister re-partnered in the late 1990s to cohost a daytime talk show. Then, they embarked on a wildly successful 11-year Las Vegas residency at The Flamingo.

Donny and Marie are super close in real life, too. Donny was there for his sister following the tragic death of Marie's son, which, understandably, left the mom absolutely heartbroken. "Our dressing rooms are right next door to each other," Donny told "Entertainment Tonight" (via People). "I can hear her crying, and that hurts. What's amazing is that just minutes after she's cried, she'll come out of the dressing room, perfect and ready to go." Still, what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas, and the siblings went their separate ways in 2019. They haven't worked together since.

Lights out

Donny and Marie Osmond left Sin City with a bang. According to Marie's website, their 11-year residency resulted in more shows than Elvis Presley and Celine Dion combined. Donny and Marie were presented with the key to the Las Vegas Strip and were honored with a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. However, in 2019, they ended their professional partnership, leaving fans begging to know if a future collaboration would occur.

Sadly, it doesn't look that way, as Donny has no plans to work with his sister Marie anytime soon. "I miss working with her because we had such a rapport onstage, but that whole era is passed. It's gone, it's done," Donny told ET. However, he's not slammed the door shut and is open to a possible reunion if the stars align.

"I have been in this business for a long time. I learned to never say never, but there's nothing in the back of my mind, and I don't think there is in the back of Marie's mind of reuniting," Donny said. "Maybe a one-off, but to do a Las Vegas performance like we did for 11 years, with the 'Donny & Marie' talk show for several years, there's nothing that has really sparked both of our minds yet." Meanwhile, Donny recently announced that he's extending his solo Las Vegas residency at Harrah's into 2024. "So excited to keep the party going," he announced on Instagram.

The show must go on

After decades in show business, Donny and Marie Osmond know when to bow out gracefully. "You know, there's an unwritten rule in show business, and that is, you have to know when to stop. And unless you stop, you can't progress," Donny told CBS.

The couple talked about how their family-friendly image had damaged them financially. Donny admitted that he'd even considered faking a drug bust to build a bad-boy rep. "The marketing mind in me said, 'This will work.' But then the reasonable mind in me said, 'It's going to destroy you,'" he shared. Marie said she'd weighed up a $5 million offer from Playboy to model nude but decided to turn it down as she didn't want to embarrass her mom or future kids.

Ultimately, the wholesome toothy grins won through, and Donny and Marie prevailed. Per Deadline, following their Vegas residency, Marie took over Sara Gilbert's cohosting chair on "The Talk." She left after one season to pursue other ventures. "We will miss her humor, kindness, and good nature, and wish her much success in her future endeavors," CBS said in a statement. Meanwhile, Donny's solo career continues to go from strength to strength. In addition to his solo Vegas residency, he's hitting the road in November. "It's official, I am going on tour! I cannot wait to be back in the UK and to perform in front of so many of you," he shared on Instagram.