The Shady Way Sharon Osbourne's Son Jack Roasted Her Cosmetic Work

Sharon Osbourne has never been particularly secretive about the cosmetic work she's had over the years, so when it was reported that she was officially done, many were surprised. However, a little closer to home, it seems not everyone was buying it. For one, her son Jack Osbourne couldn't help but poke fun at her approach to getting work done in the past.

To recap, in April 2022, Sharon candidly shared with The Times her unfortunate experience with a botched facelift in the previous year. "One eye was different to the other. I looked like a f**king Cyclops. I'm like, 'All I need is a hunchback,'" she recounted to the outlet. A year later, she told The Sun that other than correcting the botched job, she'd ruled out any further facelifts for fear of a repeat. In Episode 2 of "The Osbournes Podcast," the family's true feelings on the matter emerged, and to no one's surprise, they weren't buying it. Spoiler alert: Not a single one of them was convinced. Jack, in particular, couldn't resist pointing out that Sharon had a well-monitored schedule of sorts when it came to her surgeries.

Jack's take on the matter? His mother treated appearances like most would a car. Luckily for him, though, Sharon appeared to agree with the shady yet hilarious comparison he made. 

Jack compared Sharon's surgeries to car services

Just months after telling The Sun that she was done with facelifts, Sharon Osbourne's son joked in the family's podcast that as far as he knew, "I thought you had, like, a two or three-year, like, tune-up." Cue laughter from Sharon — but the roast wasn't quite over. "It's like a car ... Every 5,000 miles, mom goes in for a tune-up," he added. 

Jack wasn't entirely off the mark with his observation. Sharon's 2023 declaration of quitting plastic surgery is just the most recent addition to a series of comments about giving it up for good. In 2012, Sharon told her "The Talk" co-stars that she wouldn't be going under the knife again after seeing pictures of herself where she felt like she'd gone too far (via HuffPost). Then, in 2019, she did a 180 on the show, telling her colleagues that she'd scheduled another facelift and she was thrilled about it. 2021 saw her go under the knife for the fateful facelift that would see her swear it off once more — but it seems she's already warming up to the idea again. 

After Jack's playful teasing, Sharon not only agreed with his car analogy but hinted that she wouldn't be opposed to doing it again in the future, should she feel the need. However, she quipped that entirely halting aging wasn't something she was particularly interested in. "It's too late for me. I'll be f**king 75," she complained. 

... but it wasn't the first time he joked about her surgeries

Jack Osbourne's comments on "The Osbournes Podcast" weren't the first he'd made of his mother's commitment to the cause. Au contraire, back in 2013, after Sharon Osbourne made a joke about a vaginal rejuvenation in an interview on "The Graham Norton Show," he told SiriusXM Entertainment that he was planning on addressing it with her. 

More specifically, he joked that he would do so in person to prevent any avoidance strategies from his mother. And, he pointed out, he had one particularly pertinent plan up his sleeve: Bringing her grandchildren into it and reminding Sharon that they'd be able to access the clips easily at some point. Perhaps that particular plan of action worked — or perhaps Sharon caught wind of Jack's interview and decided to stop her son in his tracks. Just days after it aired, Sharon revealed in an interview on "The Howard Stern Show" that her comments on the rejuvenation were all a joke. Sharon also pointed out that her health troubles made it unlikely that she'd dabble in anything of the sort. That may be the case — but then again, she's also backtracked on her no-more-surgery claims in the past. 

Time will tell if Sharon does decide to go under the knife again. One thing we do know, though, is that her son won't be shocked if she does.