Sofía Vergara 'Can't Complain' After Life-Changing Split From Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara has split from fellow actor Joe Manganiello, but she seems determined to keep her eyes on the prize, which in this case, seems like herself.

It's been two months since Manganiello filed to divorce the "Modern Family" star. According to Today, Manganiello filed his court documents on July 19 due to "irreconcilable differences," in an effort to end their seven-year marriage. Although fans have taken it hard, there were many signs that Vergara and Manganiello wouldn't last. In recent weeks, sources have revealed several inner issues the couple was supposedly dealing with, but Vergara and Manganiello have decided to guard their personal biz.

Despite their possible issues, Vergara and Manganiello's divorce hasn't made fans wonder if they ever cared for each other at all, unlike some of their Hollywood pals — including Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner. A July report by Us Weekly revealed that, while the couple wasn't quite done sorting out their affairs, they were keeping things peaceful. "They still have a few issues to figure out, like custody of their dog, Bubbles," shared a source with the pub. "But Sofia hopes they can move forward in a calm, fair fashion." With that said, divorce sucks no matter how you slice it, even when both parties try to mitigate the drama. And while it's nice that Manganiello and Vergara seem to be above throwing each other under the bus, no one would bat an eye if Vergara was taking a little much-needed time to lick her wounds. However, it seems that both soon-to-be exes are coping just fine — Vergara especially.

Sofia Vergara is making the best of things

Sofia Vergara has zero time to sit around sulking in the middle of her divorce. During a new interview with ET, Vergara proved she was in a positive headspace when addressing how her year has rolled out. "It's been very interesting, you know. It's been an interesting year for me," Vergara shared during the interview. "A lot of changes, a lot of good and craziness and bad things happen and good things happen. You know, what makes life so entertaining and interesting." Vergara added, "I can't complain. I've had a great, great time. There's always time for more good stuff coming." Basically, Vergara has decided to keep things cute, even though Joe Manganiello has already moved on with someone else at lightning speed. According to People, Manganiello has been cozying up to actor Caitlin O'Connor for weeks now. And one of their outings included a hot tub!

Still, it seems that Vergara has worked hard to keep her spirits up. Back in July, a source revealed to People that Vergara was doing well amid the divorce. "She is sad that her marriage didn't work out, but she feels very fortunate anyway," shared the insider. "She has a great life that she loves. She is staying at her house for now. Joe is living elsewhere." The source also confirmed what's been refreshingly apparent from Vergara and Manganiello's lack of public tension: they're trying their best to keep the drama at bay.

Sofia Vergara is too busy to be sad

It's not quite 2024, but a new Sofia Vergara is walking around — at least on screen. Although Vergara is known for playing sassy, gorgeous, confident women, her latest project features her in a very different light. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vergara stars in "Griselda," which follows the real-life of former cartel leader Griselda Blanco. According to creator Eric Newman, "Griselda" will serve as a companion piece to the since-concluded "Narcos." "It had a lot of the elements and felt like 'Narcos' to us but we also wanted it to be Sofia's party," shared Newman. "She's so good at it and it's something that she's been carrying around."

Although fans won't be able to tune into the Netflix series until January 2024, the official trailer has dropped, and Vergara has totally transformed into the infamous drug dealer. "You've thought about me a lot haven't you," Vergara says in the trailer as shots of her glitzy, dangerous doings unfold onscreen. "I've heard you like my product. We can make a lot of money together," she added. According to People, in real life, that product was cocaine, though it was certainly not Blanco's dirtiest deal. Blanco also indulged in murder, as she played a pivotal role in the murders of "dozens." Unfortunately, one of those murders included a two-year-old child, which contributed to her twenty-year prison sentence, per The Miami Herald. Although Blanco's real-life story featured senseless amounts of cruelty, Vergara is certainly equipped to play the part.