3 Red Flags Jeezy & Jeannie Mai's Marriage Wouldn't Last

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai have reached the end of their romantic journey as Jeezy has filed to divorce Mai. The "All There" rapper filed for divorce in September 2023, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The filing stated that "the marriage of the parties is irretrievably broken." Even though celebrity marriages are way more fragile than normal marriages, failed celebrity marriages usually send shockwaves through fan spaces — Jeezy and Mai's especially! The fashionable couple spent the last few years broadcasting their love story at fashion shows and even on "The Real," Mai's former daytime gig. 

Jeezy and Mai wed during the height of COVID-19 in 2021. They had a scaled-down ceremony at Jeezy's Atlanta mansion, which beautifully highlighted both his late mother and Mai's Vietnamese ancestry. However, the most bittersweet fact about their breakup is that Mai, who's been divorced once before, changed her mind about not ever having kids — one reason she and her ex-husband Freddy Harteis parted — way after she married Jeezy. Mai gave birth to their daughter Monaco Mai Jenkins in 2022. Fortunately, Mai's decision to embrace motherhood worked out for her. During an April 2022 interview with People, Mai revealed that watching Jeezy bond with Monaco was bringing her great joy. 

Unfortunately, Mai and Jeezy's relationship wasn't nearly as perfect as many fans thought, no matter how glamorous everything seemed. Looking back over the past, their bond was actually weighed down by some bright red flags.

Jeezy and Jeannie may have had different values

Although Jeezy and Jeannie Mai seemed like a perfect match, they ran into a few major hitches during their marriage. A source told ET, "They had different views, and each felt like their needs weren't being completely met." Jeezy and Mai also couldn't agree on "certain family values and expectations." The source didn't specify the couple's exact points of disagreement. However, Mai's previous comments on "The Real" revealed that she and Jeezy once had to figure out how to handle Mai's mom's presence in their home.

During a May 2022 episode of "The Real," where the hosts discussed pushy parents, Mai shared an anecdote about the time she and Jeezy had an uncomfortable conversation about her mom wanting to stay with them while she was pregnant. During what was supposed to be a short visit, Mai's mom showed up with several suitcases, prompting a phone call from Jeezy. "How long is she staying again?" asked a concerned Jeezy. In the segment, Mai then explained that "in Asian culture, you don't even have to ask. Your mom can go and stay with you guys and it's no big deal ... but that's not Jeezy's style." 

Mai then decided that both she and Jeezy needed to have a conversation with her mom about boundaries, though he was reluctant to actually bring up the sensitive topic. Though Jeezy, behind the scenes, was firm in his decision, he ultimately said to Mai's mom, "You know we love you, but Jeannie needs her space."

A fortune teller predicted the end of their marriage

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai's divorce may have been orchestrated by the universe. In 2022, Mai sat with a fortune teller shortly before giving birth to her daughter with Jeezy. Unfortunately, Mai got more than she bargained for when she asked the medium "Is this my last marriage?" As Mai waited with bated breath, the fortune teller read her palm, saying, "Okay, on your palm, you have a second one." After Mai quickly informed the fortune teller that she was already on her second marriage, he offered more insight that this might not be her last. "Okay, let me tell you this, 95 percent this is the second one," said the medium. "If you want to go more than that, it's up to you ... If you look more than that, it depends on you, because this is based on God."

While it seemed that the fortune teller was also alluding to a second divorce for Mai, she replied with a rosier version. "So it's already written for me and I'm good," said Mai. "But if I get greedy and do something to mess up my future, then I can, of course, go marry more and mess up. But for right now, based on my chart, I have just two marriages and that's it." Social media has since pointed to this clip as a surefire sign that her marriage wouldn't last. "Yhuuu! That long pause was definitely him trying to find the actual words to break it as it is, it's all in his face," tweeted one fan.

Jeannie Mai's past comments came back to haunt her

Social media isn't actually powerful enough to ruin a marriage, but it didn't aid Jeezy and Jeannie Mai's bond. Throughout their relationship, social media periodically referenced Mai's past racially insensitive comments about dating versus marrying Black men. During Mai's first marriage, on an episode of "The Real," she once quipped that, while she "loved Black guys," she preferred to date them "on the side." "For me, dark meat on the side, but White keeps me mean and lean," said Mai. Although Mai attempted to clarify her comments, the internet has never let her live it down.

In 2020, Jeezy revealed that he and Mai discussed her past comments before they got together. "Before we even started dating, we had that conversation," shared Jeezy on "The Morning Hustle" radio show (via BET). "First thing, when we really talked, she sat me down. She said, 'Listen, it was something I said, and it might have gotten taken out of context, and I want you to listen to it in its entirety.' I did." After speaking briefly about how things can get misconstrued, Jeezy continued, "I know her people. I know her family. I ain't never felt no sense of racism." 

After Jeezy filed for divorce, many of Mai's detractors banded together to celebrate the end of the marriage. "Jeannie Mai once referred to black men as 'dark meat on the side' and fans question why Jeezy married her to begin with," tweeted one user.